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  1. Solved: After letting the pc run with a black screen for 15 minutes, it now works as normal.
  2. i just removed one ram, and started, no difference. (do i have to remove both then insert or switch slot?) This is in the manual
  3. I followed Linus building a PC POV. Everything worked great, installed windows etc. Then i followed these steps (i noticed it said my RAM was running at lower than 2666, and my mobo can run 2666. But not i see nothing but a black screen. I have tried resetting cmos by touching the CLRTC pins with a screwdriver for 10 seconds, multiple times. I have also tried removing the cmos battery and waited 10 minutes. I unplugged PSU before doing anything ASUS TUF B460M-PLUS GAMING WI-FI i5 10400f Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 2666MHz 16GB