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  1. Running a Win10 gaming/streaming machine in 12G seems really a really snug fit, precariously so. A 3060 is out of my reach for quite some time financially, but RAM I can do. Suppose I can explore overclocking as well.
  2. Yes, B450, mea culpa. Asrock Steel Legend B450 to be specific.
  3. So. I pulled the trigger on a new build last year, because my roughly 10 year old i5 system was getting long in the tooth and I wanted to move on to something fresh. I had to do it on an incredibly snug budget (I'm an unemployed novelist, so money for me doesn't exist), but I pulled a Ryzen rig together. Not the best, but enough to get a foothold--A450 board, shiny SATA SSDs (my word the leap from spinning rust was astonishing!), and a Ryzen 5 3400G to get around the fact GPUs were hard to get. I figured, eh, things will level out soon enough. It turns out that saying that in N