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  1. I will be completely honest I actually edited parts of my posts and didn't edit that part. I already apologized to @Radium_Angeland he did help a lot. I had a few drinks last night and I don't know what's gotten into me so I apologize to all of you I was really obnoxious. This is a great forum and I would love to stay the part of it and this won't happen again...EVER! Sorry everyone once again!
  2. isn't "brushing" a really a good method of destroying your mobo? Now I am really confused I didn't watch the video all the way though but...:D
  3. I actually edited all of my previous post with " I AM AN IDIOT" LOL!!! Hold on let me look at this video
  4. That makes sense but the demand seems to be enormous so it brings the prices up...
  5. No but I do have a friend who is working for a company that does that and maybe I could get a freebie
  6. Btw...why is DDR3 more expensive than DDR4 now? What's the deal? I can get 1151 motherboard for a decent price but it brings the expenses up and I am just a low income freelancer for now...
  7. Is it possible to fix it or should I get a new one then? The sad thing is that my "Awesome DDR3 modules" are working on a single channel memory so...
  8. It's on the vendor list and I tried the other...standard ram which is on the list as well and every time I put the ram in the other 2 slots I just get a black screen and that's it...
  9. So it's the possibility that my motherboard is faulty? It gets all sorts of codes if I pull all the ram out though
  10. Me being an idiot is my bad LOL Sorry again
  11. I did and I tried different ram types (all DDR3 of course) but the main one is HyperX Beast 1.65V by Kingston and the results are the same
  12. I will try that and post the results hopefully it will work. I pulled the motherboard outside the PC housing, I have all the non contact rubbers I tried the different ram modules, installed the new UEFI BIOS, bought the brand new Duracell battery...cleared CMOS and all the things but it's still the same. This motherboard should be good enough and if it failed then I should have some error codes....Right? Under the loop...I didn't see any crooked connectors on the ram slots and the funny thing is that 2 paired or impaired ones aren't working...
  13. Thank you so much for your advice I really appreciate it and I will be happy to follow it! So sorry once again for being a dick I don't know what's gotten into me...So sorry again and thanks for your advice! Do you have any advice on my motherboard issues on my i7? it's an asus z97 and I am only running my memory at a single channel now, the other 2 slot's aren't working. I took the whole thing out...and everything...the only thing I didn't try is cleaning it with a contact cleaner spray...
  14. Oh...Sorry about that buddy It's my bad and I apologize! Sorry for all the other things as well... Please forgive me! Sorry again!!! Ummm...I had some experience with Linux DebIan and I could run that as a server but Ubuntu is much simpler. Is Ubuntu good enough? Sorry for the bad things a thousand times again...I am new here and not all forums are friendly but that's no excuse so sorry once again! I said sorry too many times, didn't I?