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  1. Enabling legacy boot and choosing the other drive only works once.. when I restart it boots to the other drive
  2. Yes both the drives have windows Okay will try! Thanks for your time btw!
  3. I recently installed an SSD(it has windows in it already) on the CD drive slot using caddy. This laptop has a hard drive with OS in it.. so now both the storage drive has OS but I want it to boot from my SSD. What to do?!
  4. I mostly code in python.. might kove to web dev.. so I use any text editor( atom or Sublime text editor 3) with terminal or vs code
  5. I'm a college student looking for a laptop. I mostly will be writing code on my machine. So it has to be powerful. I like portable and compact laptops as well ( I know it's a bit too much but) I heard that M1 SoC is good and in India I don't have a lot of value for money options on windows side either. So should I get the base m1 macbook air or the lenovo legion 5 AMD R7 4800h 1650ti 16gb ram varient. (Gaming is not my priority)