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  1. I stole the PSU from my wifes PC and it works fine now crazy how a psu can appear to work but still be failing Thanks for all the advice eveyone
  2. I just updated my bios it seemed to be running a lot better until i went into a high demanding map on VR chat and it reset again
  3. Thanks for the fast reply, ill have to do a bit of digging. Is there a easy way to see if the CPU is a bottleneck ?
  4. Hi i'm new here I just got a second hand EVGA geforce gtx 1080ti and put it in my computer in place of a 1050ti iv been having a few problems with it, it runs some games fine but when i try to play VR it runs smooth for about 5-10 mins then my system just resets its self. I've read alot of stuff on the internet saying a Corsair CXM750W is too weak to run a 1080ti and others saying an intel core i5 4690 will bottle neck but iv also herd people say the opposite. Anyone know whats going on? My 1050ti ran some VR game with lag but never made my computer reset. Any advice w