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  1. Summary The White House has introduced an executive order which encourages the FTC to support right to repair, among many other pro consumer things. Quotes (Emphasis not mine). My thoughts This is fantastic news, hopefully the FTC indeed goes ahead with limiting manufacturer’s power. Also see the FTC’s report about right to repair from May. Sources https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/07/09/fact-sheet-executive-order-on-promoting-competition-in-the-american-economy/ https://9to5mac.com/2021/0
  2. I've been able to use a magic keyboard on linux just fine. All standard keyboard functions work exactly as it should. A "problem" you might have is the command key's purpose can become confusing, since windows and linux will both use ctrl+c for copy and not command+c like macs. But you'll get used to it pretty quickly, and you can always set custom shortcuts for keys. Also pairing can be finicky but that's just bluetooth. Edit: I've never tried it over usb, so Im not sure. I dont see why it wouldnt work since bluetooth is more complex and works fine anyway.
  3. Ah yeah I don’t use discord, that’s unfortunate to hear considering it’s also just an electron app. It probably works in chromium though (with the flag currently), and it will work in discord whenever they update their version of electron.
  4. Slack flatpak should work out of the box with no configuration. With the .deb you'd need to pass a flag at runtime. For chrome you'd need to enable a pipewire flag in chrome://flags. As already mentioned, Teams is a known issue due to shipping with an ancient version of electron. For the meantime you'd have to use chromium. So yeah not perfect quite yet. But basically the only issues is that flag being needed sometimes, since pipewire hasn't fully been enabled by default yet in chromium. For teams, I have no clue why microsoft thinks upgrading to a relatively mod
  5. With what apps do you have screen sharing problems with? For example most electron apps are now supported, since chromium has fairly good pipewire support (used for screen sharing on wayland). Teams is unfortunately a problem since microsoft leaves teams on an old unsupported version of electron. Note you may need to enable a flag for pipewire in chrome://flags (it should be on by default soon though).
  6. I thought it was worth sharing, that Linus (the other one) doesn't put up with the absolutely insane COVID vaccine conspiracy theories.
  7. From the website: https://m1racles.com/ For anyone who doesn’t know, the author (marcan42) found this flaw while working on the Asahi Linux project which aims to bring full Linux support to M1 macs. You can even sponsor his work on Patreon.
  8. I strongly suggest you try different distros out. Staying on 17.04 is a terrible idea from a security standpoint. Also problems like these on 17.04 can't be solved with hacks. The solution is to upgrade. I'd suggest trying fedora 34 or ubuntu 21.04 as those are very new. Also, Fedora is a somewhat different distro than ubuntu so you may just have better luck with it on your hardware.
  9. Ubuntu LTS is usually recommended for both novices and anyone who isn't sure. It is extremely popular for a reason. However pretty much any distro is perfectly fine in general. The main differences are things like UI and how quickly they update. I would avoid distros like Gentoo or Kali which are really only meant for users who understand what they're doing.
  10. Look through https://protondb.com for proton/wine compatibility, it might give you some good ideas.
  11. Summary A Tesla employee recently tweeted about Tesla job openings for Linux game developers. It appears Tesla is looking to get involved in the Linux gaming space, similarly to Valve. Quotes https://twitter.com/attlka/status/1397258716076937216 My thoughts I wonder what exactly Tesla has in mind with this. Linux already runs as their car’s infotainment systems, so they want games there as well now? Either way it’s great news for Linux and other open source gaming projects. Sources The job opening from the tweet: https://tesla.
  12. Summary Google is bringing Chrome OS’s Linux app support to stable. Linux app support lets many apps, especially developer tools and IDEs be easily available in Chrome OS. Quotes My thoughts It’s fun to see non-Linux desktop operating systems bring support for running Linux GUI apps. Microsoft is doing this with WSLg, and Chrome OS is now doing this officially too. There’s even been work by Valve and others to bring Linux Steam to Chrome OS, using this existing Linux on Chrome OS layer. Sources https://www.theverge.com/2021/5/20/22445382/c
  13. Summary System76, the Colorado-based computer manufacturer, has launched their "Launch" open source mechanical keyboard for pre-order for $285 USD. The keyboard is tenkeyless, uses a detachable USB C cable, and acts as a USB hub with 2 USB A and USB C ports. There is a choice on order between tactile and clicky switches. Quotes My thoughts It looks like an interesting keyboard, and as far as I know it is the first open source and open design keyboard. You can easily flash your own firmware with their app as well as look at the design files your
  14. Try confirming what A2DP codec you are using with: pactl list | grep a2dp_codec Also maybe try setting the A2DP codec manually in PulseAudio Volume Control (PAVU control), which should work with PipeWire despite it’s name.
  15. Would a title like this be more clear about what happened? “Apple brass discussed individually notifying users of a 128-million iPhone hack, then decided not to” Even if there was new information that made individually notifying users unnecessary, they still should have done so. It’s the reasonable security thing to do, and as you said they kept their announcement to a minimum. Hopefully we will get more emails and other perspectives about this so we can get a clearer picture of this incident. Edit: I have edited the title, is the new one a better representatio