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  1. So i really want to play Shinobi Striker and I am getting a new PC next year , so until then, I was wondering if my current PC can handle Shinobi Striker? I have i5-7200u with GTX 950M and 8 GB RAM DDR4. I checked the minimum reqs and I don't really know if I can run it. Any help? (Please correct me for spelling mistakes, I am not fluent in English)
  2. It's a Laptop Acer Aspire F5. I don't believe it has a feature like that.
  3. It is there and it says everything is up to date.
  4. So, today I was having online classes and I noticed the camera wasn't working. I even installed some programs that also didn't recognise the camera. Any ideas to help me?
  5. So I want to get a new PC and I wonder if 16GB RAM is enough?? I don't really play games that require much RAM, so I think it's acceptable. What do you think??
  6. The problem is that I can't clean it...
  7. Yes, I was looking because I will get the PC in a couple of months and hopefully the prices are lower. Besides, I wanted to get a RTX 30 series and since they are out of stock on most sites that offer a good price so I decided to wait.
  8. Hello there! I recently started noticing my PS4 PRO making noices like it's some sort of airplane. I watched some videos and figured out I need to get the top lid off and clean it. I tried pulling it off, but it didn't work. I even tried taking it off with my dad, but it just wouldn't. Any ideas??
  9. Thank you! Most products have free shipping. I didn't realize there would be such a big difference!!
  10. Thank you for correcting me! The thing is, here in Romania, the vendors add 100$-200$ to the item because they get them from other countries and by suming them up, it gets a little too expensive, but thank you for your response!
  11. Hello there! Recently, I realised that my PC is kinda trash and I wanted to get a new one. Do you know any sites that have good prices and can ship to Romania?? I was looking forward to Amazon, but then I saw the shipping prices... Do you guys have some sites that are trusted and you recommend? Sorry for my bad grammar!!