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  1. Okay cool thanks guys, I have asked the same question here for good measure: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65820656/what-does-high-i-o-write-and-emit-time-with-typescript-compilation-mean just incase anyone sees this thread in the future and wants to follow along.
  2. I just tried using the disk monitor built into windows Task Manager and it seems like the compilation isnt even registering.. I find that hard to believe.
  3. Cool, do you have a good suggestion for windows? The reason why I suspect IO to be a bottleneck is because when I run the Typescript compiler on just one of my projects with `--diagnostics` I get: ``` Files: 2892 Lines: 831198 Nodes: 3332589 Identifiers: 911901 Symbols: 785458 Types: 117953 Instantiations: 352615 Memory used: 1086736K I/O read: 0.39s I/O write: 7.94s Parse time: 6.21s Bind time: 1.69s Check time: 5.68s Emit time: 9.52s Total tim
  4. Hey guys, long time watcher, first time poster. Im a web developer thats building my next machine. Modern web development (typescrpt, webpack, storybook, jest, cypress, full-stack, docker) is pretty intense on your machine and compilation of typescript and running webpack can really start to bog down your machine. I have 64gigs of RAM and AMD 5900X on order and now looking at the next bottleneck; storage. I am currently rocking a single Samsung 850 PRO 256gb but am wondering if there are any performance gains to be had by upgrading to two in RAID 0 or even