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  1. I've seen Linus's video of all-Aorus build, so, which brand would be the best if I wanted all components from one brand? (Meaning GPU, cooler(air or aio), motherboard, possibly fans, RAM, PSU, case if they make) MSI vs Gigabyte vs Asus vs EVGA (and others) with the target being best build for the same budget. And yes, I know the best build would be probably a combined one, just asking purely out of interest.
  2. The title says it all, are fans on AIOs interchangeable between brands? Specifically, can i plug Corsair LL120 into headers on aorus AIO 240 and will it work as intended, regulating fan speed etc?
  3. I tried tilting it, it has slight effect on it when PC is tilted back. Otherwise the cooler is mounted properly, radiator top. Also, if it's this bad bearing, is it safe to use it, or could the AIO fail suddenly?
  4. I see, so it's not one of those noises that I can make go away by tweaking or tilting the pump and have to RMA?
  5. Sorry english isn't my mothertongue, could you elaborate what bearing is on a pump?
  6. So I have this new Aorus AIO 240 and after a day, the pump started to make this noise, anyone knows what it is? (Begins at 5 seconds in) It's coming directly from the block, not the fans, it comes and goes in regular intervals and fan speed, pump speed, cpu temp or anything else doesn't seem to have any effect on when it triggers, nor the noise makes temp go up or anything. I've never heard AIO make this vrrrr-like noise, anyone have? Hlas 150.m4a
  7. I can RMA it, but given how much effort it took me to assemble it (first self made pc) I'd like to know what the problem could be and if it will go away. It was working fine for a day and then this low frequency noise started to appear in regular intervals. I wasn't able to find anyone reporting this exact sound in any AIO really...
  8. I'm quite sure it's not coil whine or bubbles, the noise is quite deep and vibrating, literally like a small motor. Also I'm sure it's coming from the block, not fans.
  9. Greetings, yesterday I've built my first computer, and everything seems to be working, except for the weird noise the AIO pump makes. It's not that "bubbling" noise most people talk about, more like whirring or sharp "purring" sound, sort of electrical sounding. It's coming directly from the block, not the fans or any other component (if CPU itself cannot make noise ) Also, it's not constant, usually it's almost silent for like a minute, then it goes wrrrrrrrrrrrum for like 10 secs and goes silent again. I checked the software and the noise is in NO direct proportion to pump speed, fan