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  1. So just finished my clean install of Windows... Still shutting down whenever I load those games. I'm gonna try a new SSD to see if that's an issue. Need more memory anyways. The investigation will continue...
  2. Thank you for the idea! If my fresh Windows install doesn't work, that is definitely something to think about trying.
  3. I got viper DDR4 16 GB 4400mhz. Appreciate the input. I'm brand new to AMD and that isn't something I was aware of, although I believe 4400mhz should be enough.
  4. I just upgraded my computer and moved over from Intel to AMD. I swapped out my mobo for the ASUS TUF X570 PRO and my cpu for a Ryzen 5 5600x. Everything seemed to be working fine until I launched Insurgency Sandstorm and my computer restarted. Then I launched Hell Let Loose, same deal. Cyberpunk works... Strangely enough and Battlefront 2 also works well... Although I haven't had the chance to play them for long periods of time so not sure if they would reboot my pc as well after hours of gameplay. I did a DDU for all my graphics drivers, so everything was cleanly installed. I'm c