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  1. yeah, If I do plan on buying the card, gonna install it in a benchmark system I have on deck to make sure nothing is wrong with the card and test it there first before anything with the card.
  2. making a budget build computer rig for around 600$ and knowing today's prices in Graphics cards are actually a yikes i have to go for a second hand graphics card. There's a local offer for a OEM nvidia Graphics card 1660 ti for $100 and so far the seller says there was no problems with it so far. (for reference i looked up the card he selling and the specs are are here https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/dell-gtx-1660-ti-oem.b8118 ) Now i'm looking for second opinions and if i do buy it. I'm looking for also suggestions on what CPUs you guys recommend as well as any other parts you guys sugg