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  1. The PSU is good. I am sure it supports Ryzen 5 series. The 2600 is Ryzen 5 series and it wont Post Bios with that CPU either which It worked perfectly fine on for a year before it suddenly wouldnt work.
  2. The Ryzen series CPUs dont have Gpus built in, so they have to have a dedicated GPU. However I have swapped the Graphics card out and confirmed it works in other pcs.
  3. Built this pc January 2019 for my daughter for college and light gaming and has worked great until 1/14/2021 and then all of a sudden on start up it wouldn't post. It powers on all lights come on. The GPU fans do not engage. I did nothing with any hardware in this computer since it was built. The Mobo has a red stable CPU led light that stays lit. I replaced the CPU with a step up Ryzen 5 3600 that was brand new hoping that it was the problem. It was not so I came here and followed a Readme post about what to do with a pc that wont boot or post. Followed all the steps, Trie