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    Building Computers, Fixing broken ones.


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    ryzen 5 2600
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    16gb ddr4-3200mhz
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    1660 super
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    144hz monitor
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    ryzen stock cooler
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    win 10

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  1. it requires 2gbs my precision 390 has 2gbs of ddr2 ram and runs windows with no issues
  2. its is overkill but not alot, i would say go for a used gtx 960 4gb and use that because it is alot faster than 1050 and its around the same price as 1050 msrp so yeah
  3. you cant use a external hdd as a boot drive
  4. oh no! my teachers actually encourage to play cool math, so we have full permission to go on it i dont see your point?
  5. My schools chromebooks are so slow that coolmathgames brings it to its knees and it lags hard.
  6. have u changed thermal paste and see if that fixes it? the cooler should be plenty
  7. yes the replacement is html or html5 (i cant remember what kind of html) most flash games on popular sites like cool math games got recoded to html instead of flash
  8. it sounds like its shorting out? i have literally never heard of this so i have no advice... sorry man good luck on ur journey.