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  1. I wouldn't risk it, but you will PROBABLY be fine. I would recommend a 1000w.
  2. Get a 5600x, only $120 more. Big difference.
  3. Oh, okay. I was honestly more concerned about the programs since I don't really have any files that aren't on the cloud, but thanks!
  4. How did I not think off that... how would I transfer the programs and windows files across network, though?
  5. I have an old alienware desktop with an HDD. I want to transfer ALL the files to the M.2 SSD on my new pc. Only problem is, I can't take the HDD out of the alienware pc (or rather, won't as I can not stand trying to work and troubleshoot it if something goes wrong) or add the M.2 drive to it as it has no 2280 slot. Anyone have any advice?
  6. The cooler looks crooked. Don’t think that’s what is causing the problem, though. Have you put back in the cmos and followed the rest of the steps I described yet? take me through step by step what happens when you press the power button
  7. Can I get a picture of your cable management at the back? Maybe I can see if something isn’t plugged right. And, some close of pictures of where cables are attached at the front
  8. Then I would highly doubt that the ram and gpu are both doa.
  9. Keep the cmos out for 20 mins. After that, stick 2 sticks of the new ram back in dual channel mode and then the gpu. Hold the button Before plugging it back in.