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  1. I have a simple doubt. Are we in the first dimension to time travel? But i also have another doubt, dosent time travel goes to different dimensions or within the same time frame of the same dimension, but if either of these stuffs are true or false, then we should have already have some time travellers? And if time travelling is ever possible then i have a doubt that there wont be a starting point (AKA first dimension or the first person or persons to time travel). I know i sound some kinda confusing. I cant sleep thinking about these please tell me a solution so i can sleep peacefully. (PS si
  2. I know the topic is very dumb writing, I am just writing to get a catch. ( P.S I know that a PC and Console is different so please dont make scene out of it) I was just wondering why there isn't a console like PC. Like a console like fixed hardware with kind of Windows system OS (with specific version for gaming made by Microsoft in future and removing most of the un game able features present in the current OS, This is just my imagination) embedded in it with all kind of peripherals support of controllers and gamepad embedded in it. You can wonder like (if you want like that
  3. I have brought a laptop HP omen 17 inches with FULL SIZE RTX 2080 instead of max q design. so does it really give a desktop like performance in a laptop or just a gimmick by the company?
  4. 8k display has apprx 33 million pixels Average size of a human being : 5'9 size of sun: 2.740157e+10 What is the apprx pixel capacity does a human being consume in a 8k display (7680 × 4320) in a photo of a sun which is being fully shown in a 8k display (the value can be apprx and it is being known it consumes not even one pixel in that 33 million pixels) (I know hat the picture of a sun dosent consume all the pixels of a 8K display since the shape is circle)