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  1. I tried to simulate 1440p on my 1080p. It's not so much smaller so the native size will not be an issue. I would buy new graphics card, but what to buy when there is nothing new on stock? So It looks that I will keep it. 144Hz could be better for my eyes. And whole display could be more future proof. Maybe 1080p gaming will be a little blurry, but for my 1 hour a day I can live with that.
  2. Or maybe the refresh rate is so perfect that even for my work it will be better than my actual display...
  3. Sounds reasonable. I was thinking about the future. Isn't it something what could have any future benefit for me?
  4. It was a gift. It's unopened. I can't return it, but I can sell it.
  5. I'm 80% working and 20% gaming (1hour a day). I have a bad sight so If I will keep it then I will have to scale my windows 150%. I have i3 8gen CPU and 1060 3GB graphics card. Now I have 23,7” FHD 60Hz display and I'm satisfied with it. Is this new display any good for me? Or should I sell it but another one / something else?