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  • Birthday Jan 11, 1993

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    United Kingdom
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    Definitely a geek in many different fields. Newbie at computers but it’s quickly becoming my favourite thing. RGB hating guy 😁 however, I don’t judge those who love it.
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    Postgraduate Student


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    Ryzen 3600
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    B450 Tomahawk
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    3200, 8x2 , Corsair vengeance
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    None at the moment, waiting for 3060 to come out.
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    4000D airflow black
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    500gb m.2, 1 tb HDD
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    Corsair something .. 550W
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    Some Samsung , will upgrade at some point.
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    Corsair h100x , and 4 x pure wings 2 120mm
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    Generic at the moment. Still thinking if spending £100 for a keyboard is worth it.
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  1. Ok , I agree. Well I'm going to make a bold statement - never buy JBL headset Thank god I bought it about 3 weeks ago will exchange for a different set. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Back IO works with old headset. With new one it doesn't, also front IO works with old headset if I plug it with a single jack. So it seems to me like its the headset, however, why it works fine on iPad I have no idea.
  3. Strange, I plugged the old headset into front io and it also works with a single jack.. it could be the headset then but why does it work fine on ipad ? Im so confused
  4. Just found old headset with a 2 way jack. Yes back I/O works fine.
  5. Honestly, I am not sure, there are 6 outputs however, my headset has only one jack. Usually I just plugged them into front io and it seems to work. You think could be motherboard ?
  6. Hi everyone!!! I need help because I'm out of ideas what could be causing the issue. Was playing CS GO everything worked fine, until it didn't. All of a sudden mic stopped working. I spent the whole day trying to resolve the issue, reinstalling drivers, reinstalling windows. Headset definitely works I plugged it into my iPad and checked with the voice recoding app everything is loud and clear. However, nothing on my newly built PC. When I plug headset in it recognises it, in terms of notification from Realtek Audio Console popping up bottom right asking me to confirm that which dev
  7. Hi everyone, I downloaded .. I mean I installed extra two sticks of ram so all 4 slots are occupied however, CPU-Z shows as dual.. is that normal ? Should something be changed in bios ? If I go to My PC > Properties it says correctly 32 gb of memory. MB- MSI x570-a I attached a screenshot to demonstrate what I mean. Thank you !!!
  8. Thank you ! Yes it seems to favour iGPU rather than dedicated graphics card.
  9. I agree, so Youtubers mentioned above simply risk I guess.
  10. Hi everyone, So before you simply throw a reply please read below statement. of course it matters from physics, general pc building perspective, however, I see Linus, JayzTwoCents and other big youtubers never warring any king of anti static wrist bands or grounding themselves in general for that matter. So the question really is how frequent can it occur , what are the chances of damaging your components. Of course wearing socks on carpet, rubbing your wool sweater doesn’t help, but can it be critical ? Thanks everyone.
  11. Thanks for your response. You see if 3060 wasn’t coming out I would probably too. But would you buy 1660 s for let’s say $200 when next month 3060 is coming out for $300. And of course it will be much more powerful card ? That’s the question is writing and spending an $100 worth it..
  12. Why do you think it will it make it worse ? I was under the impression that they will release this new GPU and try to meet the demand this time.. or am I just being very naive by trusting Nvidia. I was thinking about a used card but I refuse to overpay by £100 for a GPU especially to scalpers.
  13. My common sense is telling me to wait and buy something on the lines of gt 710 just to at least set up the system and not have my PC which I am so eager to build in boxes. And considering that the new 3060 will be around £300 compare to 1660 s which is almost the same price. However, this uncertainty of waiting worries me I don’t know how long ultimately I will have to wait.