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    Computers just as 99% of people here.


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    Ryzen 3 1200
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    16gb of ddr4 2400mhz ram
  • GPU
    Rx 580 4gb sapphire nitro+
  • Case
    Random segotep case scavenged from work
  • Storage
    1tb HDD
  • PSU
    Cv550 corsair
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    1 1080p 60hz monitor and a second 1366x768 monitor with a shitty TN panel
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    Stock cooler
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    Cheapo 20$ keyboard
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    Omen mouse
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    Motorola g8 power

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  1. Nope,that card draws alot of power its not going to work,just replace the power supply.
  2. I would get the 11500 for its integrated graphics which can actually give playable framerates in many games.
  3. I would get the 4650G as this shortage is going to last a while..... And that CPU is not bad it can handle newer GPUs.
  4. Yes and it will be playable at a lower resolution like 720p.
  5. You could also tell him to try and get a 2x4 kit of ram instead as he can get better performance for a similar amount of money. Having 2 stick of ram instead of 1 will give dual channel,which helps the I3 a lot.
  6. This is wrong,maybe 11th gen gets kinda hot but a budget cooler like the HYPER 212 EVO for 30 usd can handle it very well. Where did you get any of this?
  7. What are you asking us?We cant find the graphics cards for you since you didnt say which country you are from. The 1660 super is hard to find as it is a really new card and most people selling would be scalpers If you want a graphics card similar in performance to 1660 super then you should look into the 980ti as it is somewhat similar in performance.
  8. DDR2 4GB ram modules are extremely rare. Your only chance is the used market and if you cant find anything there then im afraid you wont be able to have 32GB of ram.
  9. Good budget build: The GTX 1050 ti is reasonably priced,so is the i3,both of them are still quite capable. But...the power supply is just 300w,couldnt he get a 550w unit for like 50 euro instead?Its going to help a lot in the future.
  10. have to agree the ones you mentioned are worthless. what are the other 3?
  11. The difference in IGPU performance is mostly insignificant,it only matters if op wants to put a beefy GPU in the future. He should also look into looking for 4650G system mentioned in the newest LTT video.
  12. The 1060 does not have DDR4,it has GDDR5. The 3GB version has less vram and less overall performance than the 6GB version,so in this case the GTX 1650 is better.
  13. Yup,checks out,it's just like in Romania,i saw a Pakistani guy complain that the 3090 is 2800 euro HAH.
  14. It was way better back in September/November,you could have bought a RX 580,gtx 1650,RTX 2060 at MSRP but in Decemberball of those cards run out of stock entirely.