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  1. Yeah, the Arctic P12 seem to be pretty good for the value. These graphs are in German, but I guess you can make sense of them. The first one is on a CPU cooler (Noctua NH-U12S), the second one is on a radiator (Fractal Design 240 mm AiO). The P12s are not much worse than the much more expensive Noctuas.
  2. Sorry about the font color, I copy&pasted the text and apparently the editor decided it was a good idea to explicitly set the color to black while doing so (and I didn't see the small notification at the bottom). Also it seems you can't switch to sourcecode mode here? Anyway, fixed that now. So the case sits on the floor to my left, and while a top IO sounds like a great idea, it just doesn't really work for me. Ah yes, forgot about these! The Lian Li O11 Air only offers 2x80mm on the back, which made me not consider it. Its exhaust to the right is also no option for
  3. So I'm just going to throw this in here because my research wasn't really that successful. I'm looking for a mid tower with its front IO actually still on the front, not on the top. Additionally it should have a mesh front for better air flow, which for the most part seems to be mutually exclusive these days. I did find the Phanteks P600S and the SilverStone Fara R1, but the latter one is pretty small and apparently only offers space for one single 3,5" HDD drive (I have 2 HDDs + 2 SSDs in my system that need to be accommodated for). There are also some Cooler Master variants with som