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  1. my specs r5 3600 rtx 2060 inno 3d 16 gb ram 8x2 msi b450 pro vdh max 650 watt white certified power supply hey guys i was playing minecraft and decide to try shaders and resource packs but after adding continuum shader it was not working properly specially in nether ( i was also getting open gl 1281 error when appling shader ) images below show problems with shader when realistico resource pack applied. the first image are of ore not looks like shown in pictures on website the next image is when i try to use shader in nether w
  2. hey guy i was playing minecraft for first time. and the end sky looks weird to me. it is purple and has static noise ( noise in video not audio ). like old crt tv. when it does not get any signal is it normal?? 1335049199_Java-runtime-alpha2021_08.20-15_55_12_01.mp4
  3. hey guys first sysytem specs r5 3600 gskill ripjaws 3200mhz 16gb 8x2 inno3d rtx 2060 650watt white crerificate psu msi b450m provdh max mobo crucial bx500 ssd hey guys it all started when i recieved my rma motherboard back. i tried to increase speed of my ssd by using primo cache. after increasing speed i uninstalled primo cache. just after clicking uninstall my pc restarted and i start getting bsod after bsod. pc also stuck in boot loop. i formatted my ssd installed new windows rest bios. still i'm getting random bsod. sometimes during post my cp
  4. still getting errors reinstalled windows again but no solution either my ssd become faluty or my ram become faluty there might be problem with motherboard as well. because it is rma board which i recieved just few days ago
  5. thanks for reply before installing windows i formated my ssd t think the problem is something else i have just reset my bios now everything is working good till now lets see
  6. hi everybody recently i tried to increase speed of my sata 3 ssd by using primo cache. after increasing speed i uninstalled primo cache. just after uninstalling primo cache my pc stuck in boot loop and i start getting bsod after bsod. i tried everything to troubleshoot ( installing previous save, uninstalling updates, resest pc ) but everything falied. so i installed new windows. but still i'm getting some problems like when i boot pc sometimes my cpu won't detect or my gpu won't detect. for a second i thought my gpu died. anybody knows the reason of it thanks
  7. got the rma motherboard back and it seems lots of things was damaged. i think entire left side circuit has been changed i guss the problem was pwm ic starts from "rt" which cause it. the four mosfet near 8 pin cpu connector also changed and other things on left side as well from my knowledge if magical smock come out from a digital circuit than that thing should not be repaired because it may have damaged pcb wires. if it is true than this shows poor after sale service of msi because in my case when motherbord died the whole upper mosfet section start burning like firecracker
  8. hey i wonder what those letters on gpu dye means