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  1. Hi everyone I recently built a gaming pc which has a 3080 Suprem X in it but it is underperforming in valorant like on 1440p I should he around 340 fps and but I am getting 20 to 250 even dropping to 180 sometimes why is this happening I have checked Temps are fine I don't know whether it is a software issue or hardware issue pls help me find it and resolve it I know 180 fps is playable but since I bought a 3080 it should perform that way pls help me resolve the issue
  2. Hi i recently built a pc with df 600 but i am having a problem the pre installed argb fans are not syncing through the apps pls tell me how can i do that
  3. Hi Should I get the ryzen cpu instead of intel as thier is no stock problem of ryzen cpu 's in india, my use of the pc is mainly for gaming and coding should I go with Intel or ryzen I will be paring it with rtx 3080 so I was planning to go with i7 10700k but then i was thinking about amd so pls help me should I choose i7 10700k or ryzen and if ryzen then which one ryzen 7 3700x or ryzen 7 5800x