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Just Yamazaki

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About Just Yamazaki

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  • Birthday March 25

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    where you won't find me (DE)
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  • CPU
    Intel Xeon E5649
  • Motherboard
    MSI X58 Pro E
  • RAM
    12 GB DDR3 (3*4 GB) GSkill F3-1333
  • GPU
    Sapphire Tri-X R9 290
  • Case
    Sharkoon Vg7-W RGB (but kept in only blue lol)
  • Storage
    500GB Samsung HDD + 1 TB Western Digital Blue
  • PSU
    600W Be quiet System Power 9 600W
  • Display(s)
    LG Flatron 1920*1080 (23,5") + Generic 1280*1024 Monitor
  • Cooling
    Scythe Fuma 2
  • Keyboard
    Havit HV-KB393L
  • Mouse
    Zelotes C-12 Gaming Mouse
  • Sound
    Superlux Hd 681 Headphones + Bose QC35 + Random in ears + Random speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10/Manjaro Linux
  • Laptop
    Lenovo Ideapad 110 15-AST
  • Phone
    Huawei P30 Lite
  1. Oh, I never got a stable 4.5, i was promised a stable 4.5 lol. This overheating happens even on 3.6-3.9
  2. It's soldered far as I know and yes, the temps have always been garbage.
  3. Use the one that runs faster. That's mostly the best approach to it
  4. I already did that. Exchanged my previous X2 9891 PWM (eclipse advanced) for this brand new scythe fuma 2. It's all so weird to me too
  5. I have in fact removed the sticker , and the thermal paste spreads nice and even. Voltage is ~ 1.37V and I've tried several cpu stress tests
  6. 1) scythe fuma 2 2) thermal grizzly kryonaut 3.) There is like a "smart cpu speed" option in the bios, it just never works. Same goes with Speedfan.
  7. Running a Xeon E5649 on the MSI X58 Pro E, which is (according to many, many people) supposed to run at low temperatures on Clocks as high as 4,5 Ghz. But mine goes up to 95 °C, then throttles after a short while on prime95 even with my newly bought scythe fuma 2 (which I bought for triple the price i paid for my cpu). I have reseated the cooler a thousand times, tried exchanging thermal pastes, running the cpu at only 3,8 ghz, running it open case or out of the case on a test bench built of cardboard and wood and always got the same results. Have i really just lost the silicon lottery o
  8. Got meself a nice wooden paulownia desk to slap on my pre existing ikea kallax shelves Specs n setup: - Intel Xeon E5649 (4,5 Ghz) - 12 GB Ram (GSkill G3 1333 DDR3) -500 GB HDD (Samsung) -1 TB HDD (WD) - 600W Be Quiet System Power 9 -Scythe Fuma 2 -R9 290 -Arctic MX 2 -Sharkoon VG 7W RGB -Havit Blue Switches Mechanical keyboard - Zelotes C12 Gaming Mouse - Noname Gaming Chair off of eBay -2 hand me down monitors, one 1920/1080, the other 1280/1024. Both ripped out of original casing, put on original monitor stands with a