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  1. Am planning on making a build with a 3060ti and maybe an i7-10700k and my question is, is it worth to go for a z590 mobo or just get a z490(what mid-range z490 is the best option) but due to the i7-10700k been out of stock where I live I might as well go for a i5-10600k pairing it up with the 3060ti you think is a good combo? And would a i5-10600k be good to pair it up with a z590
  2. Can you use different nvme ssd's on a pc? Like have one samsung evo 970 and a wd sn750
  3. Is having 12TB in your pc overkill? Like for the average user
  4. I'll try to get one at launch and I meant 4, 1tb nvme ssd's or at least 3 my bad
  5. my build is around $1500 mainly for gaming and game development,am waiting to take a look at the new 11th gen but for now its the i-10700k rtx 3060 12gb i7-10700k 10th crucial ballistix 32gb 3600mhz ram seasonic 750w 80+gold 4x 1tb ssd nvme 4tb ssd rog strix z590-E
  6. best $150-$200 z490 motherbard? +will the z490 be compatible with the next intel 11th
  7. when will ddr5 come out and prices
  8. i just opened my laptop again and saw that it was pcie slot ill trie to return it and buy the correct one, i bought it on amazon
  9. the one i bought was sata lmao
  10. My main drive is a hdd and the plan was to install Windows on the ssd
  11. i bought a new 120gb ssd m.2 for a dell inspiron 3580 and the problem is that it doesnt show up on the drives what did i did wrong?ive restarted my laptop already and still doesnt show up
  12. yes the 3000 series, so how much time we have till they stop producing thefe cards for 3000 series