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  1. Hello! I recently purchased AER 140 mm fans from someone and it did not come with any screws. I wanted to know how I can fit it into my NZXT H500 case as PC fans. Attached below are pictures for reference. I would just like to know how big of a screw that I may need for this since I no longer have any screws at home. I would very much appreciate your response thank you so much! The model written on the back side of the fans are: RF-AP140-FP The screw holes look really huge, I'd like to know what dimensions of screws I'd need and if any other things are needed for me to mount t
  2. Thanks for the reply! During gaming it never goes above 85 C though, I was just concerned since I know that the cooler is a beast and hitting 90 C was quite surprising during the synthetic loads. What do you think would be the best way to apply the paste?
  3. Hello! i recently just upgraded from an i5 8400 to a i7 9700 non K version. i’m currently using a Noctua NHU 14S as my CPU cooler and i’ve noticed that the temperatures average at around 80-85 C and max out at around 92 C when I was running AIDA64 for 20 minutes. Is this normal temperature range for the CPU and cooler? I’m using an NZXT H500 with ambient temps of about 24 C in my room. Thermal Paste is Noctua NT H1. Any help or insight is much appreciated! I have thermal Grizzly Kryonaut in stock but I’m not sure if that’ll make much of a difference. Thank you so much!