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  1. So now i'm getting 400mb/s ... A LOT better I will answer with all the things i did from the start just in case someone else has the same problem: -Check for my ssd firmware updates, -Set windows energy mode to high -Optimize the ssd with windows and corsair app -Reinstall every driver -Change SATA port (even that i didn't move or touch the pc)
  2. There was an improvement but not by a lot. (From 6.50 to 12). Firmware was up to date and i did a TRIM without any problems. Here is the smart status:
  3. Hi yesterday i format my pc and after that my ssd is working reallyyyyy slow (I've a Corsair Force LE), before the format my ssd was working just fine. I've try a lot of options like: optimize it, check energy options on windows, clean it, downloading drivers... But none of that worked.
  4. Hi, i've a 250gb ssd, a 1tb M2 and 2tb HDD. So i was planing on using the SSD just for the OS, M2 for games and HDD for the other things. Does having the OS in SSD affect my M2 in any way?. Or should i use SSD / HDD extras and M2 Games / OS?
  5. If you are getting 60fps (no more, no less) is probably because you have v sync (vertical sync) active in the in-game options... If you disable that option you should get more fps, but if your monitor do not support Gsync/free sync you will proabably notice a few graphical issues.
  6. So following all yours tips i manage to go down from 80 to 70º ... I would like to turn down those VCore voltages if possible. I know that CPU Vcore is probably what i should change, but i wanted to know (and show) if there is something else i should change. Thank you so much, really
  7. I took a screenshot... I had a friend helping me the whole process, so i have a loooooot of screenshots Edit: Temperatures when idle are between 35 - 40... While playing Battlefront 2 50 - 60 (70 - 80 only on loading) (1080p / high settings) (the only game i played since i build it, since my video card is still the old one)
  8. Thanks for the help. I remove both panels and temperatures are the same, if i turn on my Air conditioning i've got 10º less. Sorry for my ignorace but what is cpu under volt and how can i change it? One thing i forgot to mention that is probably important: when i was placing the cooler i applied thermal paste, put the screws and i had to remove it for a few minutes (10 i think), and then i put the cooler back (without touching the paste)... maybe i should have cleaned it and applied it again? Again thanks for helping me! (sorry if my english isn't the best)
  9. Hi, I've recently built my own pc for the first time. I've: Mother: Aorus Z490 Elite Case: Redragon Tailgate Cooler: Cooler Master MA610P Processor: I7 10700K. Power Supply: Thermaltake 700w 80 plus I'm using NZXT to check temperatures and i'm reaching the 80ºc (170f) - 90ºc(194f) when at full speed (i've used Y-cruncher to test my cpu) Is it normal?... Its summer where i live (around 30º) I don't know if it makes a difference or not.