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  1. Hello everybody, I recently expunged "some" of my money on a headset from Corsair. The really nice looking virtuoso. As any decent person would do, I committed to some research before buying it. Most reviews were good (keep in mind this was multiple months ago.) Except for the earmuffs are a little thin on padding. Not really a problem for me because its good to take off the headset every once in a while. But here is one issue that I never saw. The audio FREQUENTLY cuts out when the battery gets below roughly 30%. Sometime for less than a second, other times for up to 4 seconds. This is ridicu
  2. Is pulling out the CMOS difficult? would I have to remove per say, my graphics card or AIO/Radiator to access it? I'm just a little scared of doing too much to damage my pc as it is a prebuilt that is under paid warranty.
  3. Hello, I just installed a kit of 2x16gb 3600 corsair vengeance rgb ram on my pc. I couldn't remember whether or not I enabled XMP before, so I tried to enter Bios. Does not work. pressing or holding f1, f2, f10, delete, don't work. Even manually entering the UEFI settings through windows recovery wont enter bios. It restarts twice when I try this. Looked it up for about an hour and came across fast boot. Turning it off did not work. I'm at a loss. Everything else works perfectly. the new ram is being recognized fully, the pc works fine. Just can enter bios. I don't know what to do. Please help
  4. I do understand what you are saying Mark. the 3070 would most likely suffice at 1440p for pretty much most games, except apparently monster hunter world. But with the 3080, I have headroom with graphics processing power, and room to upgrade, because I feel that in a year or two, 4k will become more mainstream in gaming. Also one of the gaming genres I have the most time on is RTS, and anyone who has played an RTS game before knows that one of two things always happens, one, the game engine sucks in a RTS game and therefore cannot render all the **** happening. Or two, your Gpu practically sets
  5. Yeah most likely I will not be buying a GPU for at least 4 more months, because I'm buying parts over time. Hopefully by then or at by 6-8 months they will finally be able to buy at msrp or maybe even a discount. Also, I play a Wide Variety of games, including FPS, MOBA, Racing, RTS, MMO's, RPG, pretty much anything that isn't 2D I have played. With this in mind I like to have a high end system so I can run all of these games ex: Forza, Rainbow, Arma 3, Need For Speed, League of Legends, etc. And with a 1440p monitor, anything below a 3070/2080 super will probably not fit my needs. (also I'm
  6. Alright so what I'm taking from this is that I definitely want to get the 3080, once in stock at msrp price. My current build (prebuilt) has a 2080 super, which im using in combination with a 32in 1440p monitor. So overall the 3080 would probably suit my performance needs better as i like running my games at least over a 100 frames. Thanks for the input.
  7. Hello, I have recently started building a somewhat high end build, around a corsair theme. While looking for gpus, I found out that I really cant decide on either the 3070 or 3080. Neither are in stock either way. Obviously the 3080 is more powerful, but is the extra performance being utilized? or is it just wasted money? ( I know that the 3080 isn't worth 1500$, that's just the gpu i would get if i got a 3080. My future build: PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 3.
  8. No I don't believe that the ASUS TUF gaming x570 mobo has one. There was an msi motherboard that was roughly 30 dollars more that had bios flashing enabled, that will most likely be the one I get, I just cant remember the name. Either way thanks for the input.
  9. Alright Thanks, I will also make sure that the Motherboard has the ability to back flash without a last gen cpu. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I have recently been buying parts for a somewhat high end pc, contents being either 3070 or a 3080, and a well priced motherboard, however I'm having a lot of trouble deciding between the 3900x or the 5900x. I am well aware that the 5900x most likely will require a bios flashback. Is the 5900x worth the extra 50 bucks plus the hassle of the bios flashback, or should just go get the 3900x and wont have to worry about it. My Planned Build: PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD
  11. Yeah, The 4000D is pretty good size, but because it isn't a full tower, i just wanted to be certain because as some people know, dealing with returns for parts is a hassle and ruins the fun in building a pc. Thanks for the input.
  12. DailyProcrastinator Thank you, I was also looking at that Asus X570 Motherboard but I was concerned with its Cooling.
  13. True, but I like to be certain before buying parts. And also Some cases while they do do support per say a 280mm rad on top, that doesnt mean that high profile ram will also fit.
  14. Hello, I have recently started buying parts for a mid-high end pc build based around the new corsair 4000D case. While researching I was also trying to decide whether I should get a 360mm rad and place it on the front, or get a 280mm rad for the top. But my question is, will my ram sticks fit with the top mounted rad? My Ram: Corsair Vengeance (2 X 16gb) sticks of 3600 DDR4 memory. Case: Corsair 4000D Airflow. Radiator Corsair H115i Pro XT RGB radiator. (280mm top mounted) Motherboard: MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk Wifi Edit: The motherboard choice is not final, I am also