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  1. thank you mate you are a lifesaver
  2. does it help that I get 2 of those cables to use them seperately
  3. the psu nearly have been used. it was in a depot somewhere and I just found out about it and want to try it out and I found the cables that are compatible with it. Is it a problem to use an 8pin to dual 8 pin
  4. so i've got an old but quality power supply (https://aerocooler.com/highpower-hpc-1000-g14c-rocksolid-1000w-power-supply/) and it seems to have very quiet fans and since my psu does not work properly since the day that i've bought it I've been thinking of upgrading it to that. but there is a problem. I don't know where the modular cables are and I am going to get new ones but in Turkey I couldn't find some guud quality 8pin and 6pin cables. the only one I saw that was decent was a male to male 8 pin to dual 6+2 pin cable. can I use it without any consequences. I've got an rtx2070 super in case
  5. I took your advices and made a complaint and now I am waiting for their return. Thank you for your replies stay safe
  6. Nah I checked and the psu fan isn't covered with warranty stickers I'll try and change the fan now
  7. is this only a bearing noise that i can fix on my own then
  8. I had this pc for about 1 month and from the start the psu makes sounds like this and I can't understand why 20210118_123425.mp4