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  1. I recently ordered a 2GB DDR2 RAM module and got a DDR3 one instead. I don't know why the seller put a DDR2 label on DDR3 RAM's packaging which even read DDR3.
  2. The laptop might be facing thermal issues and the CPU might be thermal throttling. I hope he does not keep his laptop on the bed.
  3. The problem with this is that not all games are optimized for potato hardware. Also, shared memory for CPU and GPU is much slower than VRAM for a dedicated GPU, so a memory upgrade will not improve FPS much.
  4. It seems that your laptop's GPU is not powerful enough for gaming, I believe you should have at least a GTX 1050 for a good gaming experience. Your laptop is focused on office work rather than gaming. I have a Lenovo Legion Y540 with i5 9th gen CPU, 8GB RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU with 4GB VRAM, it manages to provide decent FPS(>60) in World of Tanks in ultra graphics.