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  1. Per your advice, I cancelled the sector scan in favor of letting the reconstruction proceed unhindered.
  2. I appreciate you responding. As I said above, no I don't have backups - too costly for more HDD's. I do have most of the individual movie discs, but it would take a year or more for me to get back what I had. Also, once the reconstruction begins, it will not stop. At least, according to Broadcom.
  3. I need help...I'm desperate and completely stressed out! I carefully built a new PC this year, which I try to do every 6 years or so, with the idea to convert my JBOD in W10 to my first ever RAID for my PLEX server. I have over 45TB'ish worth of movies, mostly Blu-Ray/4K and TV shows from Blu-Ray and OTA. It represents over 3 years worth of content that I have slowly acquired. Please tell me someone out there knows exactly what to do and help can me save all my entertainment media files! What happened: I had a SAS drive fail in the RAID 5 array...no big deal, a
  4. I tried the Newegg Shuffle today for a 5950X...didn't win. Later I realized that the 3 MSI cards listed were $10 over MSI store MSRP (3060), $20 over MSI store MSRP (3070) and $70 over MSI store MSRP (3090)! I didn't check the other cards listed for today's raffle. The 5950X was spot on at $799. Is Newegg quietly trying to jack up the price of the GPU's? Have they done this since the Shuffle Hussle began? Untitled.bmp
  5. I finally got an answer from the man himself, Linus! Well, in a Techquickie from Nov 30, 2020 "The Sneaky Thing About PCI Express". I kept searching Linus Tech Tips but never saw the TechQuickie. Thanks, Linus!
  6. Thanks for writing back, she uses Adobe Premiere Pro and Corel Video Studio for video and uses Pro Tools for audio recordings, though not relevant to my question. As far as RAID, too much experience with software RAID's not being reliable or transferring to new OS in the past, so I am sticking with a RAID controller for hardware RAID.
  7. All, older and wiser (49), but having some trouble understanding how x570 motherboard manufacturers advertise 2x, 3x or even 4x PCI-e x16 slots in their datasheets, but when I read the manual for the board, the PCI-e slots are only 1 x16, some are disabled, and some only run x8, x4 or even x1 when using up the first x16 slot. I'm just really confused. Admittedly, most manuals only show up to Matisse support for now, so I'm not sure if the Zen3/Vermeer CPU's change this behavior of the slots or not. Would someone be kind enough to explain it to me, please? What I am trying to bui
  8. I want to do the same, but need some advice. My first decision is a NAS vs RAID storage connected to my PC by thunderbolt or mini-SAS. I am comfortable doing a PC build, but this will be my first server build and I would like to get it right the first time so I don’t waste money. Currently, I have maxed out the 6 SATA HDD’s I could fit in my PC case with ~ 35 TB for my current collection. As a jumping off point, I watched the “320 TB in a normal case!! - The DIY 4K editing NAS” video from 10 months past. Given 10 months has passed, what HW would you use today and how