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  1. The only thing that I can think of is that Instagram indeed blocked your account as the warned to do in the picture you posted and the only solution is to contact them.
  2. But with a password recovery method via email it doesn't ask you for the old password. Are you sure you are on Facebook official links and not following a strange spam site or anything?
  3. That's a shame. It looked like it was public for any region. My mistake. I'll check if I can find anything accessible for everyone. Totally agree with you. I can't think of any other why than hyping things up to sell for a lot of money, but the problem with these technological advances: there already are conficliting media post about how it actually works because it's not that simple to understand if you're not tech savy.
  4. But in which state does it fail? This is actually quite important to figure out because it could mean that someone may have altered the mailadress of the account which makes it a hack. Do you receive an email with a password recovery link and does it fail after you follow it? Or don't you receive an email at all?
  5. That is a COOL CASE if I've ever seen one. I think you need to take the space for tubing into account. Otherwise I wouldn't see why not, actually.
  6. And what about the password recovery process? That should still work as long as you have access to the mailbox that is linked to either of the accounts.
  7. A good thing to think about is the devices on which you are going to use them. If you are planning to use them often on mobile battery powered devices (laptops, phones) I wouldn't go for a headphone with a high resistance as 80 Ohms. This simply drains the battery and doesn't go super loud. I have worked on both quite often and there isn't a very big sound difference between the two. Of course the 990 also has an open back. That makes it less suited for loud surroundings. If you're not really an audiophile and you don't have an obvious reason for the 990 I would a
  8. Where does the "change password" button lead you to? And if I understand correctly you are still logged in to your Facebook account? My first step would be to change that password and then try to log into Instagram with it. Just to make a thousand percent sure the password is correct.
  9. I've been monitoring it for the last few weeks (because I was planning on doing a big system upgrade coming weeks) and here in the Netherlands prices have gone up, but not a lot. Just a few euro's (€3 - €7) per item so far. Also Ryzen tends to stay a bit more available over here than I see happening in the US. GPU's and stuff like Intel NUC's is still a nightmare though.
  10. In the video they do explain that there is a second stage on which the actual humans have to perform. So that is still a thing. The concert thing is actually also a really cool idea. I can't help it to also fear it a little bit. There is going to come a time where we are going to combine this with deepfake like stuff.
  11. Dutch Television Production company Talpa (known from concepts as "The Voice" and "Big Brother") has released a concept video and audtion calls for a live TV show with animated characters on a stage togheter with actual humans. The animated characters are based on 2 people: One singing and talking while their face is motiontracked and one dancer in a sensor suit creating all the movements and the dances for the characters. No video content availible in English yet but the interview with
  12. Are you actually sure the power source is stable? Fluctuations could easily cause what you are describing and the one PSU is not the other in terms of keeping things afloat and dealing with power drops/peaks.
  13. Comfort-wise I definitely prefer Razer over Corsair. I can wear the Razers for days although they look kinda stupid on your head because of the amount of cushion. The Razer app suite is also just a bit better than Corsairs in my opinion. I've never liked any of the Logitech ones so far.
  14. Wow.. Surprising to say the least. I would think it has been quite a profitable division for a long while but I can understand the idea behind it: I am somewhat of an audio nerd (as far that it is my profession), but I start to struggle on personal level with finding simple earbuds to use on the go. I don't like the idea of wireless buds/headphones and not just because of the audio quality you are compromising, but mainly because I don't feel the need for more battery powered devices in my life that can be dead at times of need. The wired Sennheiser ones that
  15. Hi all! I am new to the forum and thought I'd instantly start asking for advise if that is ok I own a Gsuite subscription with about 700GB of data on from a former company I was part of and besides that I also own a Dropbox account which has about 500GB on it (we used Dropbox before we switched to Gsuite). Ideally I would like to upgrade my personal Google Drive (that is called Google One these days apparently) to 2 TB and migrate everything over to one account. However... and this is where it gets complicated.... I have about 1 mbit upload and max 20mbit dow