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  1. There is usually an access panel somewhere in the house. Commonly they are in closets and look like this You put an ethernet switch in the panel and then hook your router up to the switch.
  2. I have an XRackPro that I was given from a business that closed down. It locks and is completely sound dampened too. I would say get an APC NetShelter, but I dont think they sell anything less than 24u.
  3. Why use ESXi when you can use proxmox, which is free, and has every feature he needs? I've been using Proxmox in production for 2+ years and have never had any problems.
  4. I don't see any antenna ports on the device, but the ebay link has a picture of antennas. Which is it?
  5. I wouldn't recommend getting it. It's running at x1 speed, and it looks pretty sketchy.
  6. You can get a wireless adapter that is not as bad as the asus one. Get one that is preferrably pcie and has external antennas. That tiny little dongle is not designed for the connection strength that gaming requires.
  7. TCP and IP is not an "or" thing. They are in different categories. The apple hotspot is just like any other hotspot in that it hosts a wifi network, provides a dhcp server, and does gateway functions like NAT and routing.
  8. Like others have said, you can pretty much just plug both pcs into each other. But since there is no DHCP server on a point to point link, you will need to configure a static address on each pc. For example, one pc can be and the other can be Just make sure they in the same subnet (basically keep both static ip addresses identical except from the last 3 digits). You can then go to the file/folder you want to share, right click, then go to the sharing tab. Click advanced sharing, check "Share this folder" and then go to permissions and enable full contro
  9. Yeah I personally do not see hyper-v as a production hypervisor. It is outdated in so many ways. You should check out proxmox. I've been using it for almost 2 years now in the datacenter and it's been great. It's got a debian base and runs kvm or containers. Really awesome IMO. It will run windows server just fine and has its own web management interface that is used for taking care of everything.
  10. The 45drives storinator is literally just a server. It has no special firmware or anything. It's a Xeon based server with 15 bays/ I personally would go with option 3 and get a nice server and storage array. Something good would be an dl360g8 or r420 with a Lenovo SA120. Here is a nice dl368g8: https://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-Proliant-DL360-G8-Virtualization-16-Core-Server-48GB-RAM-P420-4-Trays/172530477994 And an external HBA if you want to run software raid: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SAS9207-8E-LSI-8-port-6gb-s-SAS-SATA-TO-PCIe-Host-Bus-Adapter/253413945368 Or if you wo
  11. While splitting lanes without a PLX is possible, and not actually that hard, I dont think that there is a big enough market for things like this sadly. There exists solutions that use PLX chips to expand the amound of available pcie lanes to a backplane, but they are either pcie gen 2 or overly expensive.
  12. Hmmm yeah https just doesnt respond. Since you are using https I assume you have tcp port 443 open? https uses tcp 443 while http uses tcp port 80
  13. Yes that's it. It's actually up to you to choose between the LR and the Pro. Both in theory have equal range, but the pro has faster antennas. I personally don't think that the extra speed makes a big difference but it's up to you.
  14. Well assuming that you know about basic IP stuff, then I would recommend getting the UAP-AC-LR. It's perfect for your budget. If you decide to purchase, I will save you some trouble by telling you that as long as you only have one AP running, you don't need to keep the Unifi software running all the time. The software is only required to run if you have 2 or more access points running. Also, With the way the antennas are built into the case, a good thing to know is that you will get the best reception if the top (round side) of the AP is facing somewhere in your direction. The b
  15. Well the site itself returns a 403 error, is that what you're talking about? Sorry if it's in here somewhere but do you host the site on your own internet or do you have it through some sort of hosting company?
  16. First off, what kind of budget do you have and what distances do you need to cover? Their cheaper ones like the UAP-AC-Lite are great for dorms, studios or mid size apartments while the UAP-AC-Pro is more designed for large installations. In terms of easy usage, I'd say that they are about a 6 out of 10. If you know about ip addresses and basic networking, it's pretty easy. If not, then it might be better just to get a consumer router.
  17. Meh, nicehash can suck it IMO. I switched to alternatives and I'm not going back.
  18. Since it is in the quotes you should be good. Might as well try it either way. If anything happens, delete the rule or reboot.
  19. Nicehash will not be getting those bitcoin back. It's simply too hard to trace. Check out https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenHash/. I've been working on it and we have people from malwarebytes etc working on the project too.
  20. https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenHash/ We're making an alternative which is open source and will have lower pool fees. We will be releasing a client sometime this week.
  21. Hey there! There's a new alternative that I've been lucky to be a part of called OpenHash. We are going to be releasing a client within the next week. It will be WAYYY better than nicehash. Check out our subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenHash/ We also have a discord which is listed on the subreddit if you would like to get involved in beta testing
  22. ?? Not really. What network card does the server have in it? It sounds a lot like there is some serious issues somewhere.
  23. In a server video they talked about having a domain in the future, but I haven't seen any updates yet.