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  1. Just got out of best buy, they just ordered me a replacement board. They looked at the old one and after showing them the video, they were like, "Yeah, that's defective."
  2. Case had preinstalled standoffs and I used the screws that came with the board.
  3. I said that it literally blew up, and I think the guy was just as shocked as I was. I couldn't send files at all. I'm going into Best Buy today with it in hand to see if they'll give me a replacement.
  4. So, I couldn't get ahold of Asus today, but I talked to Best Buy, and they want me to schedule an appointment for it to be repaired... And the closest opening that's available for me is next weekend...
  5. Yeah, and I really liked that MB too! I'll see if I can get in contact with someone over at Asus tomorrow.
  6. Hopefully I can get Best Buy or Asus to give me a replacement one considering its less than 3 months old.
  7. Because I wasn't getting anything at all when I tried to power it on. So he had me do that to try and get the motherboard to show post codes. Then that happened.
  8. No, as in it wouldn't even go to post. All I would get was a click from the PSU, which I knew was good, cause it was brand new.
  9. Doing troubleshooting on it with the help of a friend, and this happened when I unplugged the cpu, ram and gpu. Nope.
  10. It wasn't starting, so one of my friends who works with computers a lot was helping me troubleshoot it. He had me unplug all the ram, cpu and gpu to see if it would start.
  11. Am big sad. VID_20210204_025357_538.mp4
  12. Sorry about the late reply. I've been super busy with work the past couple of weeks. By low, I mean it's only using like, 30-40% where as before it would use upwards of 90% Pc specs are: CPU: Intel i9 10850k GPU: MSI RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC MB: Asus ROG STRIX Z490-E Gaming RAM: 32 GB Another thing is my CPU fan wouldn't even engage either until I quit the games. Unfortunately I can't really check anything on account that my PSU failed and I'm waiting on the replacement to arrive.
  13. Anybody having issues with Black Ops Cold War or Cyberpunk 2077 suddenly having garbage performance and really low cpu usage?