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  1. hahahaha an 80mm radiator would be hilarious! The fittings would almost be as big as the radiator! omg, look what google turned up https://www.au.aquatuning.com/water-cooling/radiators/radiators-active/15909/alphacool-nexxxos-xt45-full-copper-80mm-dual-radiator
  2. @narrdarr ah I see, 2 in there that's a little cheeky. @tarfeef101 turns out you can definitely fit 2x 280mm radiators https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3yR4dcwmoo
  3. @narrdarr Didn't know about 80mm fans fitting, useful information. I don't plan on running AIO's, I'm going with a custom loop for both CPU and GPU. Starting at pump/res coolant will then flow to CPU, top rad, GPU, bottom rad and back to the pump/res.
  4. @tarfeef101 The side fan was planned to be an intake, just to bump the pressure up a little or at least to help prevent air routing that way however the vented rear of the hard drive bay would make that redundant anyway and the space is better used to accommodate the pump/res and a fan controller. I have attached pictures to show clearance. I'm now confident that the bottom rad will fit no worries, the top will be tight however I can shift the radiator a fair bit further back with a little encouragement.
  5. @tarfeef101 Awesome, I imagined it would end up being whichever fans suit my tastes and budget. After posting I realised there may be clearance issues with the side fan depending on how the pump/res fits. I have looked at many water loops in this case and it appears most people go for the 240mm route but I'm somewhat confident I can squeeze 2 280mm radiators in there, I'll upload a picture of my current 280mm AIO loop to show what I mean. Cheers for the speedy reply.
  6. As the title suggest I'm after some advice/help on selecting the correct fans for my case that will accommodate my future plans. My case is the Corsair 280x https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Crystal-Series-280X/p/CC-9011134-WW I currently have an ASRock steel legend b450m m-ATX mother board however I do plan to change to a m-ITX board for clearance reasons in the future. Now before i ask my question I should explain my plans, i intend to install 2x 280mm radiators in my case, one at the bottom and one up top. I currently have a Cor
  7. @Eigenvektor @Akolyte @Master Disaster Thank you all very much for your help, really appreciate, I think I have enough info to get started now. If I get stuck I'll be sure to post in here again! Once again many thanks! Cheers.
  8. Just re-read you post, NextCloud seems like the best solution for our needs. I assume there's plenty of tutorials on setting this up so i'm going to dive into that now. Thanks for your help
  9. Setup is always a bit of work but fortunately I quite enjoy learning new things. My ISP does use a dynamic IP so this is something I will have to do. I am familiar with port forwarding. Have also come across a service called NextCloud, which seems to be created by the original author of owncloud, is this a better option? Fortunately both spare pc's currently have Windows 10 Home installed. So to summarise, I need to setup a 'Webserver stack' on one of these pc's (i'll need to google that one), install owncloud through that (port forward necessary ports) and
  10. All I have is a basic home network, just the ISP provided router. I have 2 spare pc's which I can utilise and ideally would like to host the files here on my own hardware. I have about 6 or so hard drives laying around varying from 500gb-3TB although 500gb would easily meet our needs short term. Having the ability to give users read only permissions or having folders only accessible to certain users would be ideal also. I've not heard of S3, i will look into it now. Cheers
  11. Yeah own cloud seems to be the go then, the interface looks nice and has the features we need. Am I correct in assuming that I install the owncloud server package on one of my spare pc's? Also, just to be safe, how secure is this option of going with owncloud? Cheers
  12. Sorry, I should of mentioned that. It'll be primarily used for word documents and pdf files. There will not be simultaneous editing of files, just as files are updated the other users may need to view the file to confirm changes. Also to be used so users can print or download the latest version of a document/pdf. Cheers.
  13. Not something I had even considered. I get confused with the units, Will this suffice?
  14. I'll try to keep this brief and to the point. I'm looking for a file sharing solution. After lots of browsing and reading I'm still lost on what would be best for our needs. I wish to store files at home, but have them accessible to view and edit by 3 users (1 locally/remotely and the other 2 remotely). Currently relying on emailing files back and forth which as you can imagine can get quite unorganised and messy quickly. Ideally looking for simplicity for the users to connect and access the files with some form of authentication. Setup will be handled by my self, so th