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    Smartiefox got a reaction from jwwagner25 in Your experience with the 5800X!   
    Got mine for like 2 weeks now. 
    Runs perfectly fine - only a little bit hot for my taste. But as 100x discussed before, that might result from the way the temperature is measured.
    With a Dark Rock Pro 4 it stays at 85°C under max load, 82°C on the 30min Cinebench test runs.
    It did not thermo throttle. All cores stayed at 4.8ish all the time. 
    My chip hit all benchmark tests as expected with almost no difference to others so I think the overall quality between them seems ok.
    It overclocked quite fine, but I use it at stock speeds since I don't really need that extra performance and I don't wonna toast it with my cooling solution. 

    I can't say anything bad about it. Even compared to the 5600/5900 of friends setups.
    At least in germany the price/value was quite ok comparted to the other zen 2/3 options to be honest.
    Hope that helped a little

    My overall setup should be visible on my profile. I'm new here so I have no idea if I have to accept something extra to have it visible xD
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    Smartiefox got a reaction from dogwitch in Post your milestones, ranking, etc...   
    I power limited my 3080 a little bit but still have an 5M estimated PPD. 

    Not to mention how much more power efficient per point this card is compared to my GTX 970 before... 🤔
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    Smartiefox reacted to Analog in Need some help with RAM   
    Like I said in my previous post with 4x8GB you will have the memory running in dual rank mode, meaning you will get the best performance possible. If you care about upgrade path then go for the 2x16GB config. It's as easy as that. Price should be pretty much the same for either kit. 
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    Smartiefox reacted to Moonzy in Core detection issues with Speccy and a 5800X   
    im not too sure if it's possible to monitor individual core temps of ryzen
    i think it just reports the hottest part of the die, not necessarily core
    maybe try HWinfo, i never use it personally but it's widely recommended around here
    and welcome to the forum! remember to quote when replying so people will see it
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    Smartiefox got a reaction from Moonzy in Core detection issues with Speccy and a 5800X   
    Thanks a lot. 🙂 
    Since even that tool does not have a selective temperature monitoring I assume there is really no way to look at core temperatures separately, right?! 😅
    (Hoped speccy has this like it had for my Intel setup)
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    Smartiefox reacted to Moonzy in Core detection issues with Speccy and a 5800X   
    while im not sure if speccy is compatible with ryzen or not (i heard it's very old, so most likely not)
    ryzen master is what you can use
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    Smartiefox reacted to Radium_Angel in Should i upgrade CPU or GPU?   
    The CPU would be a minor step up, the GPUs are unavailable, unless you are willing to pay scalper pricing, so my advice? Wait until things quiet down