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  1. Got mine for like 2 weeks now. Runs perfectly fine - only a little bit hot for my taste. But as 100x discussed before, that might result from the way the temperature is measured. With a Dark Rock Pro 4 it stays at 85°C under max load, 82°C on the 30min Cinebench test runs. It did not thermo throttle. All cores stayed at 4.8ish all the time. My chip hit all benchmark tests as expected with almost no difference to others so I think the overall quality between them seems ok. It overclocked quite fine, but I use it at stock speeds since I don't really need that extra pe
  2. Definetly! I power limited my 3080 a little bit but still have an 5M estimated PPD. Not to mention how much more power efficient per point this card is compared to my GTX 970 before...
  3. Hey, not sure if it is already answered for your case, since the supply really seems to have enough connectors.... The point I want to mention: A 3080 can have some significant power spikes. My Card had a maximum Spike of almost 450W at my tests. This was for less than a seconds, sure, but ... 750W can be close depends on the cart and other system components (Maybe not thermal wise but peak overcurrent protection wise) To make sure; I am quite sure it will work for 99% of the cases quite fine. But on benchmark loads the power consumption really seem to need 2x8 pin.
  4. Do you monitor clock speed as well? a) Looks a little like it uses the boost clock for a second to handle a certain task and then goes back to regular task. b) I have no personal experiences with AIO cooling but could it be some kind of control oscillation? Like pump goes fast -> cpu cools a lot -> pump slows -> heats up -> pump goes fast again.
  5. Thanks a lot. Since even that tool does not have a selective temperature monitoring I assume there is really no way to look at core temperatures separately, right?! (Hoped speccy has this like it had for my Intel setup)
  6. Hello there! I have a 5800, but can verify the common opinion of zen 3 ryzen running very hot. Stock cooling might be a little weak for these cpu in general... It seems like they only output the maximal temperature measured at one of the 20+ temperature sensors. CSGO uses as far as I know not all cores, quite few if I am right. So possibly only few cores with a lot of load could reach that temperature. I am not an CPU architecture expert, so take that as an educated guess based on experiences Did you check if the some cores tend to clock higher while gaming?
  7. Hello everyone. Since I searched for quite a while without any satisfying results, I hope maybe one of you can help me solve or at least detect the problem here. I recently managed to build a new PC with a ryzen 5800x. Everything works quite fine. (Except for the known high-temperature issues with the zen 3 ryzen models....) ' But when I try to monitor my system using Speccy, I get a result of having 16 one core once thread CPUs installed so it is almost impossible to check thermals, clocks and so on. Is there a compatibility issue with the most recent ryzen models and specc
  8. You said you increased the frequency, did you increase the voltage as well? In many cases the default voltage is around 1.2V, but for 3200 or above you need like 1.3V. Should be said in the manual of the ram. (I forgot this once, too, with the same problem of not being able to boot ) Could solve the boot problem at least. It will likely not solve the issue of "missing ram" like porkishpig said.