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    Official LTT Tinfoil Hat Wearer
  • Birthday Dec 31, 1988

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    You're on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know.
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    Tech in general
    Mock the fuckin Week
    Survival skills
    The apocalypse
    Hating apple
    Hating CoD
    MOTHER FUCKING OUTLANDER SERIES. Watch it if you haven't seen it.
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    Bit of a nutjob. I'm a redneck survivalist hippy gamer (yes, a bit contradictory). I hate apple and CoD with a passion. I'm actually pretty open minded, at least on things you'd think I was against.

    https://youtu.be/jQkNxLU2wvk?t=3053 That time I was in The News. Luke's reaction to me being the author is exactly what I am going for in life. Legitimately my proudest moment in life lol
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    Pocket Sand Manufacturer


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    Intel Core I7 7700k
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    AsRock Z270 Supercarrier
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    4x8 32gb G.Skill Trident Z RBG 3400
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    GTX 1080ti FE custom watercooled
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    CaseLabs Magnum SMA8
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    A bunch of Samsung SSD's
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    EVGA Supernova P2 1000w 80+Platinum
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    2x Asus VE248, 1x LG 4k monitor
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    Custom water cooling loop. 1x120mm radiator and 1x480mm radiator
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K95 RBG
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502
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    Sony 470w sound system. (dual 8 inch woofers, 14 "driver units")
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    Windows 10

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  1. Ugh.


    I'm having an issue where when I play just about any game, my computer acts as though one of my monitors is disconnecting and reconnecting, which makes whatever game I'm playing stutter or hang for a moment. The only thing I've been able to figure out is that it's probably my side monitor cable, which is a DP to DVI (of some kind) adapter and DVI cable. If I unplug that cable, the problem goes away.


    Time to order a DP to HDMI cable I guess? Any recommendations as to brand or something specific to look for?

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    2. Trik'Stari


      It's so freaking annoying. Open a menu? Side monitor disconnects and reconnects, and the main screen turns black for half a second then re-full screens the game.


      Loot a body? Same thing. Do JUST ABOUT ANYTHING and it happens.

    3. WY6


      just get one off of amazon with good reviews lol i have a no name dp to dvi and it works fine

    4. Trik'Stari


      Went with Cable Matters DP to HDMI. My side monitors can do DVI or HDMI, figured I'd change things up.