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  1. The monitor has only DVI and VGA ports on it. If that's so, then the touch led monitor is false?
  2. Hi, I have a second monitor, from a not very known manufacturer, Across ACK-5195T. You can see the product page here: https://asianic.com.ph/product/across-ack5195t It says it is a Touch LED monitor. In the manual, sticker in the monitor, and in the page, so it shouldnt be just a gibberish description(?). But I couldn't find any settings to setup the monitor. Couldn't find any drivers either if that's needed. This monitor is connected to my motherboard (Asus H110m-k) while my main monitor is to my RX 570. So, yep, couldnt use the "touch" feature
  3. Hello, I really have no clue what may be the answer to this. I wouldnt guess either because this would really mess things up if I do so. If I am to install an operating system on my ssd, what should I do with the HDD. Im gonna keep it for storage purposes ofcourse. But what about the operating system in it? Should I uninstall windows 10 from the hdd? I thought maybe having an operating system in one of your hdds, while booting another OS from your main drive, would affect your PC's performance in some way. I dont know, I really wanted to know. So I'd want to uninstall the OS.
  4. Thanks, I was looking at that fan before but unfortunately it was overpriced in the shop Im in. I feel bad really hahaha.
  5. Hello, I ordered case fans online. These are budget fans. And I decided to just think logically what "might" be best for my budget pc build instead of asking from the people I know how do I do this and what to buy or how does this perform. I was really frustrated choosing the right fan for my budget. RGB or not. Because initially, I really didnt plan buying RGB ones. All the fans I bought were really the most guaranteed fans in the shop here in my place based on my research, I've looked at the reviews and specifications and did comparison of the price, specs, and reviews. So that we'r
  6. So the only thing that I should keep in mind is... if my mobo doesnt have an RGB header... I still can control the RPM but NOT the lights (it wont even lit up). So, if I still want to buy an RGB fan, Id buy the ones that do light up even without the header. The only downside is I wont be able to control the lights, but I can control the rpm. Is that correct?
  7. Yeah. Not that I like them that much, I don't really have much option to choose from online and thought if Im going to buy ones with the lights, why not? So I want to know first what does and doesnt work for my build. Might buy a fan set with a control hub so I can just power it with molex, as my last resort.
  8. Okay okay. So my motherboard really needs to have the right sockets to light rgb fans. Thank you
  9. Mmm yeah the question above is, does "Chassis fan" differ from other socket which says "RGB Fan" but with 4pins too. Because different motherboards I saw on Youtube says "case fans" "chassis fan" "rgb fan"... all with 4 pins. Thus the question.
  10. The manual has been thrown away. And I remembered it just says as the motherboard says too, chassis fan. Nothing detailed
  11. Hello everyone! So Asus H110m-K has a 4pin socket for case fans. And Im looking for fans with rgb lights. I found many fan sets that only needs molex to power them but Im thinking about going for PWM. Not sure about pwm, but it is when you install the fans to the motherboard and control them in the pc instead of a physical controller. Anyways, my motherboard labels the 4pin as "CHA FAN" or chassis fan. However, all motherboards that youtubers have says "RGB". Are they different? Do my motherboard only support fans and not lighting t
  12. I'm referring to the backplate. They get hotter than the heatsink. And fast.
  13. I tried playing The Forest in maxed settings for 10mins and I feel it getting hot. That soon...
  14. So I been testing and observing my RX 570 and it performs really above my expectation especially when I render my 3dscenes 40mins less now. And 'Ive been monitoring its temperature too of course. And it doesn't get high above 65c (at least during when I am looking at the numbers). Then earlier tonight, I touched my case's tempered glass, not expecting too feel warmth. It's new to me since this is my first beefy card so I got a little nervous. I touched the backplate as it was the first thing to touch and it was really hot. But when I touched the heatsink it wasn't that hot like th
  15. Thank youuuu. I can sleep now in peace. I rendered one of my 3D projects and a little short while, it began to spin.
  16. Hello, I hope Im in the correct section of the forum now. haha I notice that my RX 570 4GB's fans stopped spinning after a while I booted my pc. And I researched quick if that's okay and I found that gpu fans spin when they meet a certain temperature point. Is this true? Should I be worried? Because it says that newer graphics card tend to spin their fans only if they need the temp down. Is RX 570 part of the "newer graphics card"? Thank youu
  17. Yes, I found out that "rated" does not really exist as a term for PSU and is used locally for "scamming" people that psu's are legit. I cancelled the order and I feel better now. Im going to invest on an expensive one if it means keeping my 570 aside for a while. Thank youu
  18. Im sorry, Im new to this forum, I'll make sure to post it right next time.
  19. http://prod.danawa.com/info/?pcode=1115420 This is the product page. Im not Chinese. But, I bought it from here https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/i257747727-s355105257.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1 which is a local online shop. They test PSU's first before shipping and is really responsive and initiates conversation regarding with the order. Based on the reviews from other PC builders who bought the same PSU, they had no issue. Plus they have more power hungry builds than mine. Because I only have an i3 7th gen plus the coming RX 570.
  20. Hello, so I bought a 17$ 650w PSU that is rated. And previous one is a generic PSU 650w. The thing is, I basically broke the law of investing like 20% or 30% of my PC to PSU because it is dangerously important. And yeah, considering I did. And I know Im in risk of something I dont want to say. But, is it always the case? Should popular PSU brands always be the in the priority list? I mean, if I have a 600w that isn't generic, but the brand is not that popular but has good reviews, good website, good products. Should I worry too much? Im a college student, and here in my country, college s
  21. The PSU is included in an i3 7th gen bundle I bought from the same store(the one who recommends me buying a rated psu). And I forgot exactly how much.