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  1. I’ve decided to purchase a new gaming monitor my spec are ryzen 5 2600x and Rex 5600xt my main use is gaming especially cs and fortnite I have two options I’m debating about which are Asus vg258qr and dell alienware aw2521hf i could really use your help!
  2. Hey my spec are ryzen 5 2600x rx 5600 xt crosair cl16 ddr 4 3000mhz b450 aorus elite my question is should I upgrade to HP v8 3600mhz ddr 4 memory in term of fps I saw it could turn your fps up a bit and I’ve get the budget for it should I go for it?
  3. The graphic card was recently added but it’s about a 18 months build but along the way the psu is as changed and the ssd
  4. I’ve tried didn’t work either
  5. Hey my system config is ryzen 5 2600x rx5600xt 16gb ram ddr 4 3000mhz psu 550wat gold standard my pc is under preforming really hard for example in cs go I ran about 150 FPS on average and on fort nite about 100fps on high settings I’ve tried many things to update my windows I even did all the drivers and then re installed them i really need help I’ve been dealing with that for a week now and couldn’t found a proper solution plz do help highly appreciation for those whom help me.