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  1. Hello guys, i'm having this really weird issue with a vpn called ipvanish. when i try to connect through protocols such as openvpn,pptp or ikev2 i get either no connection or no browsing or quick connection drops, however, when i connect directly through the ppoe fiber box i get smooth connection on all protocols with 0 drops after hours.
  2. hello guys, have been having this weird issue where if i'd connect directly through ppoe the vpn service would be smooth as butter, but if i connect through router *whether it's by cable or wi-fi* several vpn protocols like pptp,ikev2 and openvpn won't work or would drop after few minutes. what could be causing this ? tried it on different routers and such, thank you.
  3. i'm having an issue with my gpu getting stuck sometimes rarely at full gpu and memory clocks and only downclocking when changing the hz to 144hz then to 240hz again so they drop back. noticed that the issue happen when opening a program or such or when existing a game or randomly when monitor goes to sleep etc..