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  1. Tried my one at 1450/2125 I think, with max power limit = crash. Anything below these values makes no bigger difference on fps (maybe 5fps more) so I went back for stock 1413/2000. I think its not worth to do any OC on that card.
  2. Hey guys, Is there anyone who replaced stock cooler on Sapphire radeon rx580 nitro+ 8gb? 2 fans over there. I am getting sick of their noise under load and I have to change it before rtx cards will be available, so I found this.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ARCTIC-Accelero-Xtreme-IV-Compatible/dp/B00HHMJIIO/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=ARCTIC+Accelero+Xtreme+IV&qid=1614691798&s=computers&sr=1-1 People say its amazing, but not sure its gonna fit that gpu? They used it mostly for nvidia cards 1070, 1080ti, 2080ti etc.
  3. Mymusz

    PS4 and soundbar

    Tried Dolby 5.1ch on ps4, sounds nice, but ps4 is actually slower and some stuttering is there, dont know why. Better to leave that on default Thanks for answer.
  4. Mymusz

    PS4 and soundbar

    Hey, I have my Creative Sound BlasterX Katana + subwoofer connected to my Ps4, but I am not quite sure which audio settings should I use to not damage my soundbar (there is a popup comming while changing option on ps4). Settings to choose: -Linear PCM -Bitstream (Dolby) -Bitstream (DTS) That sound bar has 5.1 Dolby sound and 7.1 on gaming mode, with sound card built in. Its connected via Optical cable. What is the best option here for best sound and no damage? Thanks.
  5. Well, possibly 4k and wide. I didnt know that I will get black borders.. I thought movie will be displayed on the whole screen... I got research, not every movie was recorded in these resolutions, but apparently amazon prime movies should be fine on 21:9. Anyways..... There is also 1 more monitor. Dell UltraSharp U4320Q - LED monitor - 42.5" (42.5" viewable) - 3840 x 2160 4K @ 60 Hz. I think, according to screenshots on dell website, I can still split my display pretty well, so if there is no way to play movies on the whole 49" screen, this one above will b
  6. No no, I am not a big fan of tv's I was looking for that monitor, but 49" curved option. Beast, but pricey unfortunately... Maybe on bigger sale if there will be any. Hmm, the problem is, when I will get multiple displays, a little bit awkward to watch movies with line in the middle I saw a few options if you guys can take a look. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// electriQ 43" Double FHD Super UltraWide 120Hz Monitor Electriq eiq-49SUWD144FSHQ -
  7. Hi, I am currently looking for an upgrade. Now I have samsung monitor 27" 60hz, but I will need something bigger than that, probably 40+ inches. Is there anything worth checking? Preferably IPS panel, no built in speakers, curved if possible. Maybe 4k? I need it for movies, games and graphic design mostly so I can run multiple windows at the same time (main goal). Will upgrade my GPU to rtx 3060ti / 3070 when they come out in normal prices...God knows when that happen... Budget? I think up to 800 GBP.
  8. Nice one, this one below works. if (weather === "cold" || weather === "Cold") { My problem was, I forgot to include my variable weather after OR ... well, I have to focus more. Thnaks guys, problem solved
  9. Your example with submitForm(event) works perfectly, thank you But in my exercise, they ask me to do exactly the same, but with values Cold or cold, Warm or warm, etc. Both lower and upper cases. I cant figure it out. But I will try, thanks anyways
  10. Hi, I have finished my simple code to display an alert, according to weather. But whatever I submit, the same alert is displayed ("You will need an overcoat today.") and then when you click ok, website doesnt work. Can someone give me any advice where is an error in my code? <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Document</title> </head> <body> <script type="text/javascript"> /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  11. I am running same cpu with same aio as above, just 1 fan on it. And it does the job, cpu temp never went over 50 but I never done hard gaming with new titles. Nice and quiet as well.
  12. Refresh; Looks like its nearly impossible to get msi rtx 3060ti trio now. I am hunting for stock to pre order that GPU.. Is there any alternative for this one? 3060ti originally is for about 450 but I think I can jump up to 550.
  13. Just like additional drive for extra space, I have my windows on my main SSD. Thanks for answer
  14. Thanks guys for advice Once prices go back to normal, I will take GPU you suggested. 400$ is not that bad actually. So problem sorted I have one more question. I need another SSD drive for files like games and system copy just in case, but I dont know how it works. Can I just buy it (sata ssd), put it inside my rig. connect and it will work or I need to make clean windows install?
  15. Och, sorry. Have forgotten about PSU. My post was edited now, its last on the list Hmm, yes I saw all these prices for gpu going crazy... 3060 ti sounds powerful and I am not sure my PSU can handle this. I tried to get best I could on budget