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  1. I ask this on behalve of a friend of mine. He often has a BSOD with error code 'watchdog violation', this only happens when he is screensharing on Discord. Second, sometimes his computer crashes without BSOD, just black. If he looks in the Windows Logs -> System, it says (in both cases) Source: 'Kernel-Power' ID: 41 (hope you understand). Drivers are updated. He has the PC and monitor connected to a partly rolled up reel. Forum specific instructions didn't work ( ) OS: Windows 10 x64 Windows 10 original install Retail version Build in decemb
  2. @LogicalDrm No, I see nothing moving. Everything is in place as it should be. I only have SSD so that's not an issue. Maybe you can watch the video I posted.
  3. @Fragment323 Here is a video. It moves at about 3 seconds for 10 cm (4 inch). Like I said it does stop abruptly, but I see nothing moving or something. (Don't mind the noise, it's less irl.) 20210116_162839.mp4
  4. I have my new PC on my sit-stand desk. I wonder if it's bad for the GPU or CPU air cooler to move up and down a few times a day. My desk starts and stops moving up and down abruptly, so no soft start/stop. Motherboard: MSI mpg B550 Gaming Plus GPU: MSI RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio (with support bracket) CPU cooler: Cooler Master hyper 212 (black edition)