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  1. Wow, all of that sucks, regarding the fans its probably because of that hey are 29mm in height instead of the standard 25mm.
  2. Well before getting into a fight, maybe this build log could help: http://hardforum.com/showpost.php?p=1041864948&postcount=185
  3. You could buy a thinner EK block if you have the money
  4. Oh how nice, we are both in our final year, wat ga jij doen volgend jaar?
  5. How is your experience with the apogee drive, is it very loud and how does it perform? Thanks and nice build.
  6. Wow, its funny how much difference a background can make in making the build look nice. But still a beautiful build nevertheless.
  7. It has 5. 4 on the side and 1 sort of in the middle.
  8. I would still like to see it without any connectors but I understand the choice of including them, do you have a render of the design for the front?
  9. From my memory I think he said that it was like 5 fps so not that big of a deal, but correct me if im wrong
  10. probably because he likes the orange motherboard, or because orange is not something you see often.
  11. They just released the video on Vessel, its amazing but ridiculous