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  1. Finally got a response from lttstore. But that was after I filed a dispute via paypal. Got a refund. Just sad. Wanted to joke with my kids, "L T T store dot com" and take a sip of water. Thanks everyone.
  2. This is what I get from Wizmo (tracking link), see attachment. Canada is not part of EU as far as I know. UK just left. If there is some extra Customs to be paid I usually get a note from the local PostNord here in Sweden.
  3. Them? USPS? The tracking I got goes to https://shipwizmo.com/ and it seems like they don't want to be contacted. Couldn't find any way to contact them there. I am in Sweden and I am used to order online. When things has got stuck before it has always been the sender that has to handle issues with the shipping. Also, all emails, order etc from lttstore says to contact support@lttstore.com
  4. I checked https://shipwizmo.com/ and only "Contact Us" I saw (on Login page) goes back to front page.
  5. My experience is that any inquiries must be started by the sender. All email mention contacting support@lttstore.com I am in Sweden and expected some delay, but not this long. I have ordered other stuff from other places which has arrived.
  6. Hi, Starting to worry here. I placed an order for a t-shirt and a water bottle on Dec 2nd and it was shipped on the 4th. But still today Jan 15th nothing here. The tracking does not give any info after Dec 4th. I sent an email to support@lttstore.com on the Jan 10th but still has not received any response. So, now what? /Edward