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  1. hello, i wanna upgrade my gpu, and i was wondering, is a 1060 with an i5-3570k a good mix? would there be too much bottleneck?
  2. Hello. What is the best cpu i can put in this motherboard?
  3. https://www.fsplifestyle.com/en/product/aurum-s700w.html
  4. i have the FSP Aurum S im pretty sure
  5. PSU 700w 80PLUS GOLD Certified
  6. Hello, i was wondering whats the best gpu i can pair with my system? here are the specs
  7. Hello, i was wondering whats the newest and best gpu this motherboard can support?
  8. hidorah


    Hello, where the hell can i find good memes like this?
  9. 42% right now in task manager, most of that being chrome
  10. Hello. So i have a pretty ancient tech computer, and i want to upgrade it but i dont want to spend more than 400-500 euro on tech. What should i upgrade and to what i should upgrade?
  11. Hello,today i got a critical structure corruption BSOD, and since then, Chrome and Discord keep crashing and restarting, chrome always crashes with different errors everytime, while discord restarts out of nowhere. what is going on?