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  1. could it be my pc case? because there is this little lip above the pci slot that prevents the cable from going all the way in, and i dont hear a click like i hear on the monitor, and the port easily comes out with little to no force
  2. i tried plugging in displayport for better refresh rates and nothing showed up, just gave me a no signal. i tried plugging off the power for the monitor, waiting a minute, and plugging back, didnt work
  3. 1. i connected it using hdmi, i just tried dp but it doesnt show anything 2. gigabyte gtx 570
  4. i downloaded it and it takes me to these 3 files i dont know which one to click
  5. so i bought a 144hz monitor, and when i go into the settings to set the refresh rate the max i can set it to is only 75hz. why is this happening?
  6. should i get the C24G2U or the 24G2U?
  7. price: around 100-200 euro country: Lithuania monitor size either 24 or 27 inches
  8. so since my old monitor has died, im looking for a new one, because my current setup (which is a tv) is not very good, can anybody recommend me some good monitors for a decent price? (preferrably 144hz 1080p)
  9. update: screen went completely dark for a couple of seconds before i turned it off and on
  10. for some reason the top half of my monitor is much brither than the bottom half. i dont know why, i only discovered this today, also when i would turn off my monitor for like an hour or so and turn it back on, the bottom half would have a slight red tint to it. monitor is samsung syncmaster t220
  11. greetings, could i run 3200mhz ram on a 10400f and an asus prime b460-plus mb?
  12. thank you for all the help