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  1. Yes I think in generally consumers motherboard the BIOS events log is saved in CMOS chip and the branded OEM laptops servers saves it in form of system logs in the recovery partition which ...be to read BIOS CMOS chip is there any gigabyte MSI or Asus utility tool or any 3rd part which read it from windows Example of The photos if BIOS event I found from Google images is attached below But the major issue us do every new board have UEFI BIOS have options for Bios events or error saving and do they record overheating or fan stopage or Ram errors. Or not Yes
  2. @Radium_Angel bro first of all thank you for your concerns and giving precious time esteemed advice opinion and sharing your knowledge. As I stated that it's for office where there are 50-80 desktop PC and graphic designers or operators they are not familiar with hardware errors in BIOS they just skip it or restarts it when happens in Windows or BIOS and don't even inform the it admistrators it hardware experts . Yes the main thing is to cool the GPU Or CPU but we can cool when they inform us..secondly we want past history to check if it had problems in past whic
  3. Topic:- How through which Softwares tools to retrieve BIOS errors history from bios events logs? As in my office there are 60 desktop pc of amd Ryzen 7 2700x 3700x 3800x with b450 x470 x570 b550 Asus gigabyte MSI motherboards all have UEFI BIOS and RTX 3070 RTX 3090 RTX 2080ti graphic cards used for 3d graphic designing animation video editing and used day and night for designing editing work. Operators and designers are not aquaent with hardware. Now many time due to Heavy usage the BIOS or Windows gives errors if overheating of CPU processors RAM or GPU graphic card
  4. @Moonzy bro thanx again for fast reply comments and advice opinions......yes I had selected interested in gtx 1080ti as it matches and outperforms gtx 2070 but concern was that it had ddr5x and secondly its clock speed was 1481/1531/1376 and have 11gb ddr5x and more cuda cores shaders TMU RM so my question was as company Asus gigabyte MSI zotac have boosted the speed then will it perform in the range or not means the boosted speed advertised is marketing glitch or real and does ddr6 ddr5 and clock speed matters and which gtx 1080ti model company should I go for by s I will surely see the revi
  5. @Moonzybro thanx a lot for your replies to grateful obliged thankful for your precious piece of advice opinion recommendations...yes you are re right specifications may be marketing tactics strategies for companies and therootical as benchmarks state real time tests and real time reviews As u suggested Puget system its great for adobe premiere after effects benchmarks its generally in graphs gives self calculated percentage scores grades not actual benchmarks values (ie not time in seconds or FPS or value of benchmark) after testing and scores percentage or grades comparison just
  6. question :-which is most important feature in GPU Brand, base or boost or memory clock speed of GTX 1660 SUPER OR GTX1080TI? I am planning new desktop PC ryzen 7 3700x or 2700x build for content creation video editing rendering graphics 3D designing architecture web designing and video streaming. for that some one advised recommended in forums GTX 1650 super or GTX 1660 super or GTx 1080ti . when I was searching to purchase some graphics card then found that different brands like gigabyte, Asus, MSI, zotac, inno3D, EVGA, Galax but found that many models of bran
  7. I was planning to purchase a new ryzen build with ryzen 2700x or ryzen 3600 for video editing rendering graphic designing and 3d architecture designing. GPU I selected is GTX 1650 super or gtx 1660 super or Gtx 1080ti .so I below compare the specs of all gtx CPU But as Nvedia geoforce gtx card is good for adobe premiere and adobe after effects so i selected GTX RTX cards and not amd cards .
  8. @Electronics Wizardy bro thanx happy day..and thank a lot..for your precious advices before....the line you said "when you could just get a higher end platform for the same cost" made me think twice to see if can get some 1st gen processor for threadripper x399 or for intel x299...and so I researched from them to and find something benefitial.... But for new questions arises ....as the config is new want your opinion on configuration and queries. Hope you will help and your precious advice and opinions. i founded the rates and founded a good motherboard processors for x39
  9. @Electronics Wizardy and @Jurrunio Buddies I found a real time test video in YouTube someone tested the Glotrends card and benchmark individually and windows raid for 4k testing The main thing is it has PLX chip and it cannbe placed in any pcie16_2 second slot working in pcie3.0x 8 (8000mbps) lane mode bandwidth which is equivalent to pcie4.0x4(8000mbps) and suprissing is that it worked with 4 four Samsung 970 evo 500gb drives giving roughly 3000mbps read and write speed on each slot and 5900 Mbps write and 3800 MBps read if software w
  10. @Electronics Wizardy bro thanx again nice to see that you are giving so concern and precious time to help me,. As in told you honestly the plan to usage of 4 m.2 drives I need splitted drives then combined one. As i know 4 4tb is more then enough my space requirement is not enough but ; when used as spllited or Mirrored drives then its huge as the another drive is used as standby drive. secondly cost of 1tb and 2tb is more than triple now so no point to go for 4TB. As we are going off topic of original but Still as you asked let's start from top and taking interest after seeing your concer
  11. @Electronics Wizardy bro thanx again, I had explained I want two M.2 nvme 1tb (or evo 980 gen4 500gb) first bootable windows 1TB for multiple OS( windows 7,8,10,server) and second to same bootable standby cloned or mirrored drive to switch over (will be disabled with bios or PLX switch and switched on at time of cloning or booting) to boot another if one is gets software corrupted or hardware corrupted failed ( due to public students designers rough usage as 20 workstation will work at a time on same remote desktop boot and more chances of software corruption malware spamware ransom
  12. @Jurrunio and @Electronics Wizardy Bro thank you both for your precious time to read and reply you precious advice opinion and comments. I am obliged and grateful with your concern and opinions with SO MANY DRIVES AND CPU and GPU. @Jurrunio and @Electronics Wizardy bro yes, its seems that if I am investing more in drives then in CPU as data is more precious isn't it... As in my case there are many reasons for so many nvme drives is my use. Actually I have a computer center and I have professional work of teaching students computers and do hardwar
  13. Question:-Any PLX chip. or PEX chip M.2 nvme gen4 Adapter card not depedent on AMD am4 Motherboard BIOS pcie birufication? I am planning to build a new desktop PC for video editing rendering 3d architecture website designing development and streaming with CPU ryzen 7 2700x (zen2) or ryzen 5 3600 (3rd gen) with low end economical budgeted mitherboard Asus tuf x570 gaming plus or gigabyte x570 gaming x with GPU GTX 1650 super. Planning to get samsung 970 evo 1 tb m.2 gen3 -3 three drives and one 1 samung 980 evo 500gb m.2 gen drives and one WDD blue SATA