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  1. MannyDE

    LG 38GN950-B

    Thanks for the info. I quickly googled what monitors already have been announced. So far there are none that would steer me away from the one in OP. The one you mentioned is a creator focused panel that only runs 72Hz. As gaming is my main usecase, i'd want to go with 120Hz or higher. Afaik CES is over as of today. So it seems like there are no notable new monitors worth waiting for. At least for the next few months.
  2. MannyDE

    LG 38GN950-B

    Hey there! I'm fairly set on buying a LG 38GN950-B monitor. My question is: Are there any alternatives coming or already on the market that may be better for the price that i'm not yet aware of (1380€ in Germany)? I plan to use it for at least the next 5 years or so, and i'd hate it to get buyers remorse because in 1 month something better gets released. Usecase will be pretty much gaming only.