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  1. He is not the original, but he used to work for Microsoft.
  2. NTlite: https://www.ntlite.com/
  3. On the first day without the MOTF, I woke up. Then I went downtown to look for a job. On the second day without the MOTF, I woke up. Then I went downtown to look for a job.
  4. A 25 volt rating should be fine. Sometimes, it is a good idea to leave some room between the cap and the board. If the caps leak, having that small space will slow down damage to the board. It sounds like you are re-capping an old radio.
  5. I had an issue with my bank: The ATM used to take coins. I went to do a deposit with cash, and the ATM thought it was coins. My account was not available for 3 days, while the bank did an investigation. They refunded the deposit, and gave me my card back. I sure hope that the firmware was replaced without the coins in it, as I could see that happening anywhere with that bank. I never had an issue since then.
  6. Here is the article I was talking about: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2021/02/bluetooth-overlay-skimmer-that-blocks-chip/ It forces you to swipe, because it cannot read the chip.
  7. I think Brian Krebs did a story with Apple Pay, and a skimmer. Not sure tho. I will see if I can find it
  8. In the mean time, your account might be locked, while waiting for the bank to figure it out. If you have any money in it, you would not have access to it.
  9. Lots of the CC readers have been comprimised: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2021/02/checkout-skimmers-powered-by-chip-cards/ I always paid cash because of this issue
  10. Then, there is the Yoda Speak: http://www.yodaspeak.co.uk/
  11. Some of the episodes, you could see where they taped the shuttle (Real Tape). So far, I haven't seen the mistakes on the screen (I have a 4K tv). I'm wondering if the masters at Time / Warner remastered the episodes, like they still do to the Wizard of Oz.
  12. Check this out:https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/the-guardian/
  13. Hal, are you disturbing the forums AGAIN? Now I'm gonna shoot my way thru the bay doors.....
  14. Banned for not posting in the MOTF thread before it was locked And, letting this thread fall to the 2nd page