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  1. Wait what if the gpu lights up, wouldn’t that mean it works?
  2. So the gpu is useless and I need a new one?
  3. So I ran it without the gpu and it worked, does that mean that the GPU is dead or faulty or that the psu does not have enough power?
  4. But wouldn’t my pc show a display when I connected the monitor to the motherboard and not the gpu if the gpu was faulty?
  5. It’s the VGA light it turns on but then turns off what does that mean? 63229777980__32C2FFB8-EC87-4BF4-AD5A-D4CAF66AE97D.MOV
  6. What do these white lights mean? Does this have to do with my pc not booting up?
  7. If that doesn’t work what part do u think is DOA?
  8. Ok thanks will look at that when I get home
  9. Which of the parts do u think is most likely DOA? The gpu or the ram?
  10. Yup it’s brand new 63226727054__FAF9D6AF-535B-44D0-AA81-60CF3DC0C199.MOV
  11. I’ve done those two as well most recently the ram
  12. I’ve tried connecting to gpu or motherboard, and I have remove the gpu and setting it again
  13. My monitor is turned on and powered and it is connected via hdmi and display port, I’ve tried using gpu display, also tried connecting via just hdmi and just display port
  14. Oh umm cpu: i9-9700k, gpu: GeForce rtx 2070 8gb ram: 16 gb ddr4 psu: Corsair 650w bronze rated ssd: 1 tb Samsung 970 evo hdd: 2 tb wd blue