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  1. That is not entirely true i have read a post that the person claims with the right cooling you can get gtx 1050 lp prformance in a gt 1030 but i wouldn't know if it would be worth it in the end it would probably just make the gpu die faster this is the reddit post that claims it https://amp-reddit-com.cdn.ampproject.org/wp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/a8s33j/gt_1030_extreme_over_clocking_1050_performance/?usqp=mq331AQSKAFQApgBm-zkwsfm_dcvsAEg but thank you for your input on my discussion very helpful thanks.
  2. Would overclocking the gpu help or would it even make an impact.
  3. So i should stick with window 10 or would it matter
  4. So then would different games that support stuff like opengl and vulkan i would i get better fps in or would it atill be an issue
  5. Would i get extra proformance using a linux distro that is lighter or would that still not help?
  6. So i reacently built a new pc which the specs are as follows. Gt 1030 gddr5 Ryzen 5 3600 16gb ddr4 ram 600 Watt power supply I know that the i could get a better gpu with more power. But these be quitting days because of a certain virus but i was wondering. What kind of porformance would i get if i installed ubuntu 20.04 on my build would be worth it. I plan on using it for gaming mostly games like halo mcc, doom, and fallout 4 thanks for your help.
  7. Hmm i guess that settles that question thank you all for your thoughts honestly i was just wondering because i own a dell sff prebuilt and thought i could some how cheat my fate of having to buy a more costly upgrade or a whole other system but i can not and that's ok i guess i'll be stuck at 1080p and a little bit of 4k gaming forever
  8. Yes but you see prices for stuff would go down with time and access to better materials this has happened throughout history when the demand for a new technology comes along we adapt to change and if we had access to more avanced space age tchnology we could do exactly that
  9. so i recently came upon a realization nobody would answerer because it was to up surd for them to except so here it is, in the future if we get there (so i'm talking about a interstellar society) would we be able to make a motherboard so advanced that we would not need six pin connectors anymore just pull power from the pcie express slot. i know it would cost allot and it seems impossible with our current technology but in the future (again if we ever get there) it would not matter anymore right. I know i seem like a physio but this is the future we are currently are looking down well that's t